Top Nine Reasons to Not Buy an iPhone

why not to buy iphone in india

Everyone wants to experience luxury products due to the status symbol attached with it. One of such popular luxury products is iPhone, which is developed by Apple inc. Apple products in India have become a status symbol just as in any other country. Since newer versions of iPhones, in general, are really expensive, many people usually buy the older versions of the iPhones so they can be a part of the elite-class circle. However, despite saving a lot of money and buying an iPhone, many people face a lot of post-sale expenses and also have a lot of trouble with the phone over the course of years. So this article discusses why it’s not recommended to buy an iPhone, especially if you are a poor or a middle class individual who saves money for ages just for getting a phone.

High Cost

As iPhone reaches the Indian market, its cost significantly increases because of taxes like customs, state and central government and depreciation of India rupee, for instance the iPhone X in India is said to be 40% more expensive than in other countries. Although iPhone is expensive, it is what adds to the status symbol and thus it’s desired by the common folk regardless of the cost. If the only purpose is having a reliable phone with enough features, iPhone is not the best candidate as there are countless of cheap Android phones with similar features. However, as stated earlier it’s still possible to get a cheap older version of iPhone for a affordable price from various places. high cost

Unavailability Of Manufacturing Unit In The Country

One of the major demerits that Indians are facing today is that the country does not have the manufacturing unit of Apple. This is one of the pivotal reasons that heavy importing tax is associated with the phone. Also, it is on the priority list for the IT industries to get the manufacturing unit in the country. Although a manufacturing unit is set up in Bengaluru, it is manufacturing the cheapest iPhone called iPhone SE.manufacturing smartphones

Connectivity and Sharing

Bluetooth Sharing with other phones like Android and Windows, is not possible without a third party app like share-it. Sharing iPhone to PC and other non-Apple products is not also possible without downloading iTunes or Jailbreaking the device. On top of that, An iPhone user can not share its apps with other iPhone users through airdrop (iOS Bluetooth service).bluetooth

Sideloading Apps

iPhone does not even permit sideloading apps that is the ability to upload apps to the phone without using the official app store. Sideloading is only possible when the device is jailbroken that is removing all restrictions from iOS devices. However, Jailbreaking a device leads to void the warranty and is also considered illegal in some juristications.

sideload apps android

Competition With Other Companies

Nowadays there are a wide variety of smartphone manufacturers offering a plethora of stunning features at a lower price compared to iPhone. In fact, many leading brands have come forward with so many new innovative features like wireless charging, dual camera and infinite display which then were copied by Apple to embed into their iPhone after like so many years later. All in all, there is no reason for wasting money on an expensive product like iPhone, when there are a wide range of Android smartphones with useful features at affordable price range.

Different phone features


Apple has always paid a great attention to the iPhone’s design and body, and thus it’s very comfortable to handle and use. However, it has to be handled with great care due to its poor durability. Most of the competitive smartphones like Samsung Galaxy series are known to be durable, and thus suitable for hard-usage. The only remedy for this problem is using a shockproof cover to protect the iPhone, then if it fell down on a rough surface or from a meter or two above there is little chance iPhone to take damage, as shockproof cover absorbs the shockwaves releasing upon the impact.

iphone in rough environment

Having No 3.5mm Headphone Jack (since iPhone 7)

Having no 3.5mm headphone jack can be problematic for many people, especially those who live a really busy life and cannot afford time to charge their wireless earphones separately. One survey revealed when Indians were subjected to wireless earphones, majority found this feature uneasy and were more comfortable to use conventional earphones. Besides, 3.5mm headphone jack is still popular among many people, and is the industrial standard for listening to audio on Phones and many other handheld devices. However, apple sells an adapter, called Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter, that can be used to connect headphones with 3.5mm connectors to iPhones, but it’s not quite popular or good as a native 3.5mm headphone jack.

iphone headphone jack

Having Poor Performance with Each Upgrade

It is noticed how Apple reduces the performance of iPhones with each OS upgrade as seen in the following Tweet. This is not an isolated case judging by the amount of complains found in Google. Many people believe that Apple does this on purpose so that people would opt to buyer new and expensive iPhones in each year or two. However, Apple stated that performance is slightly reduced in older devices in order to protect the device when the battery is used for a while, and thus replacing the battery with a newer one can resolve this problem with ease.

Battery Problems in Older Models and Fast Charging

Although iPhones have really good processors, which do not utilise much battery, it still doesn’t last much long like its counterpart android flagship phones. iPhone 8 barely lasts a day whereas the previous models do not even last the day. So if you are a power-user such as when phone is used for playing games, or heavy multimedia works, then iPhone is definitely not recommended unless a power bank is available or the power outlet is anywhere nearby.

Old iPhone models do not have fast charging whereas the new iPhone supports fast charging but the fast charger has to be bought separately. Despite the phone being so expensive, it still charges at a normal rate. The iPhone wireless charger also takes a while to charge the phone. However, many flagship Android phones have fast-charging feature by default.

Battery Problems in iPhone


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