Nucuta is a technology blog, which accepts advertisements, and guest posts. Guest posts can be published at Nucuta for free of charge in order to promote your name, whereas Advertisements require a payment to be made. As advertisements we accept orders for new articles to publish at Nucuta, already written articles to Publish at Nucuta, URLs (both nofollow and dofollow to your website). We also accept content writing orders. If you are looking for professional content writers to write articles for your business we are here for that. Contact us through for more information.

Pricing Structure.

Guest Post ( non-commercial purpose only ) x10.00
Sponsored Post ( you supply the post ) x110.00
Sponsored URL ( NoFollow ) x110.00
Sponsored URL ( DoFollow ) x115.00
New Article ( we write for you and publish at Nucuta ) x1 word0.04
New Article ( we only write the post ) x1 word0.04
Support for non-technical users x130.00

Sum: 0

( Units are in USD-$ )

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