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NUCUTA (formerly CUTA.info) is a technology blog where various topics about computer hardware and software, mobile phones, gadgets and many others are covered. NUCUTA also covers tutorials and topics in business management, accounting, self improvement and technology news.Currently NUCUTA has two authors, Vipa and Liyanage. We constantly work hard to improve our website and the quality of our articles. We currently cover only few subjects and expect to cover more in near future.

Our vision is to be a guide to everyone and help them in any way possible. Our articles are written with one note in mind and that is how can this benefit everyone. We aim to find easy solutions and simplify life for all.

NUCUTA Staff / Contact Details 

Sreeti Dey

Sreeti DeyAuthor
New Delhi – India

Nadha K Neelambra

NADHA K NEELAMBRA from nucutaAuthor
Indore – India

Meghna Yadav

Meghna Yadav avatarAuthor
Lucknow – India

Asma Aminasma amin from pakistanAuthor
Lahore –  Pakistan

vipa avatar Co-Founder
Senior Adviser, Writer, Editor
SEO Optimizer
Marketing, Community Manager
Mumbai – India


liyanage avatar Chairman and Co-Founder
Senior Publisher, Writer, Editor
SEO Optimizer
Marketing, Community Manager
Technical, UI/UX, Server Administrator
Colombo – Srilanka

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