Pokémon Go has become really popular within the last couple of days, but unfortunately it is not available at both the App Store and the Play Store of many countries such as, Canada, Philippines, Sweden, India, Bangladesh, Greece and even in Japan. However, you can still legally download and play the game with this method explained in this article. This article explains what this game is about and also from where to download.

If you are really new to Android ,then please first allow your Android to install custom apps from the settings.

All you have to do is to have either an Android device or an iPhone. If you have an Android device, the operating system (Android) should be at least KitKat 4.4 (KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow), If you have an Apple device, the operating system should be at least iOS 8 (iPad and iPod too). However, It is not really compatible for tablets, but you could still give it a try although the gaming experience won’t be better without a GPS. As you already know, the game is developed to play outside of the home, therefore having a GPS is quite necessary for having a better gaming experience. However, the game still supports indoor playing although it’s a bit limited, so if you don’t want to go out and just want to enjoy the game while being at home, then GPS is not really necessary, and thus you may play the game even on a tablet without a problem.

If you are an Androiod user, to download the game simply go here at apkmirror and click the download button. If you are on iPhone ,make an apple ID with location as US and sign in to the app store and go to this link at itunes to download it. if The location of the apple id is something else other than US, then use this link at hipstore to download the game.

pokemon apk download for india, Bangladesh philipines greece sri lanka russia japan brazil

Something’s you should know about the game before downloading or playing it.

  1. It is 58MB, so WiFi download is a better option
  2. It uses your phone’s GPS
  3. It requires actual walking around within a big space or outside of your home.
  4. It utilities your camera to catch pokemons. Therefore, having a back camera is must.
  5. It consumes a lot of battery, so make sure to purchase a backup battery if you intend to play it a bit longer.
  6. It requires an internet connection, either 3G or Wifi. Although the game works fine on a 2G connection, it may not provide a good user experience.

What This Game Is Actually About?
It is based on the cartoon, pokemon in which a pokemon trainer goes about catching and collecting pokemons. A popular saying – “catch ’em all” is what you basically do in this game. This game is about an actual adventure as it requires you to move around. Whenever you are walking in your neighborhood and if there is a pokemon around, you will be alerted, so that you can catch it.

pokemon player wandering around in the city

Pokestops, which are blue boxes, are popular places where you can get some loot like medicines and food for pokemons.

pokemon popular places

After level 5, a gym is also available to you where you can train your pokemons and make them stronger. Gym are fixed at certain places and you might find other people coming to visit the gym too!

pokemon gym
Before the game begins, it gives you this warning which we all should keep in our mind as we wouldn’t want to trespass, get into troubles or accidents. Many people, since its release date ,got into various kind of troubles because of not being aware of their surrounding while playing the game. Therefore, always stay alert and if it’s possible only play the game in a safe place such as a park, a community college, your backyard or somewhere like that.

pokemon warning sign becareful there are dragons

It has been said this game is also a social game, since you meet new people who are also playing Pokemon. Since the gyms in Pokemon go are at fixed places, the chances are that you meet a lot of people when you visit a gym just as a real gym. Therefore, it allows you to find a lot of people who share the similar interests, and opens the door to make new friendships and or beyond depending on how you play your cards, and your personality.

This game has already been downloaded more than tinder and may even cross the amount that twitter has been downloaded. However, Is it really worth the hype? For me, not really no, but I have just started playing this game. I feel like, It’s the idea of the game, which is going out and catching pokemon that are virtually around us, that made it really popular, not the game itself.

Remember that you don’t have to move around if you are willing to spend some actual money and lure pokemons to your bedroom. However, it costs actual money, and when it piles up you may end up paying a lot of money just for some virtual characters. Of course to master this game, tips and tricks are already released on the play store and app store for you to download. So go ahead and read them. We hope you will enjoy the game and not get into troubles as we seen in news. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, if you have played the game share your experience with us. I am quite sure it may be useful to rest of the world.