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As social creatures, people like to interact with each other every once in awhile. Finding new people used to be restricted to the town or the city where the one lived, and therefore the communication between individuals who lived far away from each other was rare and limited to wealthy individuals. However with the introduction of the Internet, things got better and are getting better. Now, with a couple of clicks, anyone in this world can have a long conversation with anyone regardless of the distance over the Internet. For that often social networks are used. Social Networks have always been online even before the existence of Facebook. Before facebook, sites like myspace, friendster were online, but due to the heavy competition and the features offered by the competitors, low number of people are now around them. Myspace even had to change their business model in order to survive. so now it’s mostly popular among artists than regular individuals. This article talks about this particular social network which encourages users to share their experiences and finds people based on the similar interests. It’s known as Similar Worlds (SimilarWorlds), and is one of the successors to the experience project which used to serve the same purpose.

What is Similar Worlds

Similar Worlds, as the name itself implies is about finding new people based on the similar interests, common beliefs, ideas and experiences. It may not be very perfect, but still a great way to find someone else who shares the same belief as you. Additionally, it encourages people to read the stories made by random strangers to learn something out of it. This is mostly useful for those who have lack of experience in a certain area, and want to learn about it without getting into the troubles in the real world. All in all, it’s a great platform to find new people rather than connect with already known people like in facebook.


Features in Similar Worlds

The site is still in its beta phase, and therefore it has yet to offer all the functions that it promised at the beginning. At the moment, People can share their life experiences, question about various things, comment on stories of other people, chat with each other through private messages, send gifts to each other, make friends, add friends, join with groups for sharing similar beliefs,  search new people. For the smartphones, So far there is no app for the website, but it is being developed at the moment, and will probably be released some time later. However, the website is fully functioning on a regular web browser like Chrome or Firefox due to its responsive nature.

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Advantages of Similar Worlds

There are a lot of advantages of joining and being active in the website. The most prominent one among of them is finding new people who share the same beliefs. This is so useful for someone who is about to create a friend circle, an activist movement. Additionally, people may explore the past experiences of random strangers to learn something ,help someone or get help when having a down moment ,Learn things by questioning people who share the similar beliefs ,send gifts to friends to make them happy ,receive gifts from people to feel better , have private conversations without being scared of anyone. It’s a known fact that sites like facebook shares their data with governments and big data agencies, but “Similar Worlds” assures that people’s data is safe and confidential and no third party has access to them whatsoever.

Disadvantages of Similar Worlds

Similar Worlds is suffering from the same disadvantages that experience project had. The site allows matured contents and they appear in the home page, and thus it may not be suitable to explore the site in front of family and children. However, the site provides an option to disable the matured contents from appearing in the home page. The other problem is having underage people in a community where anonymity is encouraged. Sites like facebook often encourages people to post their private information, and thus their true identity is known to the world or at least to their friends, but in Similar worlds anonymity is heavily encouraged, hence underage people can often stumble upon random strangers. The danger in here is that stranger can be anyone from a serial killer to a pedophile, and therefore underage people are vulnerable without any parental guidance. on top of that nothing stops anyone from faking their age. So a full grown man can pretend like a child to get more close to children. So parents should be cautious if their children are active in the site, because there are a lot of bad people lurking in the site searching for a prey. If someone is a headache for some reason, they can be simply blocked or reported. The moderators and administrators of the site are helpful, and therefore the site is quite safe at least for the time being.

similarworlds matured contents
The site contains many crude posts like this.

Adult Contents

The recent update rolled out yesterday allows registered members to post and view nudity contents in both stories and questions. This is only available to adults, and has to be enabled manually from the preferences to take effect. Note that still the site doesn’t allow “sexually explicit material or violence.”, what this means nudity is allowed as long as it’s not suggestive. Before this update, adult contents were limited to just texts.

similar worlds adult filter
Similar Worlds Adult Filter


Overall the site is a great place to explore, as it helps to learn about the society from the perspective of random strangers, but parents should be careful about sending their children to the site, and be cautious of their activities in order prevent them from being victims of predators who lurk in the site. For adults, this may not be a big problem, but just in case the mature content filter helps to keep the matured contents at bay without polluting the home screen.


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  1. Avatar

    October 2018-Similar Worlds has become nothing,but a cyber sex ,role play site that allows children 13 and up to join without parental permission and then they allow these kids to change there age to adults ,so they can interact with adults and look at sex groups…They allow porn to be posted without an age verification service in place…Many of the users are child predators and openly admit this,but the admins do nothing..They falsely advertise that they are taking off from when Experience Project ended,but this site is in NO way a support site..In fact if you are there for non adult writing the other users will run you off and the admins will let them..This site is no good and parents should be made aware of this fact..

  2. Avatar

    I know that this post is a bit old but I would like to make a comment anyway. (It may be lengthy sorry!)

    The comment stated by MoonLight is spot one. As being a member of SW since day one the site has worst and more problems than EP did.
    I had a lot of trust and faith in these guys. I thought they had so much potential and I even defended them when they were getting hate comments I am gravely disappointed in how the site turned out and now I wonder if they made up some BS (excuse my language I am still upset about this) just to get some traffic.

    This site has so many wrongs I don’t know where to start!

    For one, they allowed nudity which I don’t know why in their right mind they would do something like that not even sure considering that the sexual deviants on the site would take advantage of this opportunity. The rule goes you can have nudity just not up close or too explicit…I am assuming that this means showing a picture of a butt is okay but that should be in the mildly adult category? I am just confused because why would you allow nudity but have a lot of restrictions on it? Isn’t that the purpose of nudity? Not to be crude before I found out that it was unacceptable I posted a picture of a penis and marked it, mind you, as nudity. Someone reported it and it got taken down but meanwhile, a thousands of posts have pictures with naked women on it are still up??

    They only give you a 500 limit on the blocks because in their fantasy world everyone is going to get along, right? Wrong, IMO it makes things more complicated ESPECIALLY since they almost never take reports seriously they only banned users they feel like that fits them and they love to invalidate it with the “Block and move on” mentality and if you want 1,000 number of slots to block you need to pay for VIP but I wouldn’t give them a penny because they do a crappy job.
    -You still have minors lying about their age to talk to adults about God knows what. They don’t do squat about them just change their age to a minor.
    -It’s flooded by sexual deviants and their boring gross fantasies
    -They don’t allow unlimited blocking like EP did which was a red flag for me
    -They invalidate reports
    -They aren’t looking for mods which would be very helpful for the site
    -The trolls. They keep coming back making 500 accounts and don’t ban them.

    Pros: They allow some features that EP may have never get done.

    I like the admins and believe that they have good intentions but they seem like they do not care about the user’s wellbeing. EP was a unique and special site unlike any other you could actually share your problems without hate and connect with others who had genuine intentions despite its flaws. If SW admins keep it up they may end up like EP…

    Similar World is a FLOP! If EP came back I may not go back

    1. Avatar

      I hope SM admins will correct these flaws in their website. 🙂

      1. Avatar

        Loneliness is so cruel and this horrible site always makes it feel much worse. One notch way down from Craigslist Personals. Who cares about the perverts? Its the one who seem so normal who leave you in the end with nothing. Rip your guts out trying and get nothing. And make sure to be very stupid, and maybe with your eyes closed mostly you will play around on SW with people who deserve u.

  3. Avatar

    SW NOT
    I was an EP member for many years. It was a good site it had it’s problems but there was a structure in place. It’s appaling how the co founders of Similar Worlds jumbed to the opportunity to as they say continue the vision of Experience Project. Being an active member on Similar Worlds I became a member because I believed in the concept off Experience Project and that Similar Worlds as promised would continue to do the same. I’m tired off hearing how they only four people running the site. They promised millions of Experience Project Members a site similar to EP. If you going to make that kind of commitment you have to deliver and make sure you are able and have a structure and manpower to do this. EP was no save heaven for kids but SW is a play ground for perverts. The announcement of nudity being allowed because of the amount of likes it received was out voted by members on a poll question posted by SW co founder, members don’t want that type of content on a community based forum or be associated with sex porn or taboos. How does sharing nudity contribute to a positive experience. That’s why there’s porn sites that you can post nudity. What the entrepreneurs and co founders of SW did they used the vision and idea of EP and used the members who believed in it made promises which they knew they would not be able to keep so that we would flock to SW when EP closed and help their site of the ground. What’s a site worth without members. We were merely a means to an end.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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