Alternatives to Facebook Marketplace

Alternatives to Facebook Marketplace

Online shopping is something that everyone loves these days because of the everyday hassle encountered due to workload and managing time. What if people get to even sell their items online? Isn’t it amazing? It is not a new concept yet a very useful one. Marketplace is a platform where buyers and sellers interact. Facebook also introduced the concept of Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace lets users purchase and sell different items in your community i.e in your local area. The products can include anything keeping in mind the policy of Facebook marketplace which does not allow sale of items which harms the society in any way, etc. Old as well as new products can be sold. It’s not just Facebook Marketplace, there are numerous other websites or applications similar to Facebook marketplace which exist to make life easier and people might not be aware of Let’s have a look on the alternatives which work in the same way as Facebook Marketplace:

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My Marketplace Builder

my marketplace builder

  • My marketplace builder works in the similar way as Facebook Marketplace apart from some different features added.  Browsing is done through the website by finding the required product under different categories listed. The search can be filtered by searching according to location and price range.
  • Sellers can upload images,videos or even PDF files and set the price for the product they want to sell. Proper description of the product, payment method and delivery policies need to be mentioned.
  • Messaging system is also enabled for having conversations related to the      product with the buyers.
  • Personal contact details are not revealed until the sale is made. Once, the service is hired or the sale is made, essential details are disclosed to  stay in contact.
  • It also let users check verified and unverified reviews before purchasing the product. Reviews can be given in the form of star ratings or comments. Verified reviews are the ones which are given after the sale is made through the marketplace. Unverified reviews are the ones which can be given by any user.



  • Spreesy is a marketplace which let people shop from social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter accounts directly. Apart from physical products such as books or clothes,digital products and other businesses products can be sold too.
  • Comment buying is a very useful feature offered by Spreesy. Customers need to comment their email ids on the posts so as to receive a secure checkout link through email
  • There’s a Partner’s program offered is an affiliate network wherein commission can be earned by promoting or selling products.
  • It is easy to create a new product post and post directly on social media accounts.
  • It is available on Google play store as well as iTunes.

Download Spreesy on Android | Spreesy on App Store

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Trove Market


  • Trove Market is a secondhand marketplace which let buyers and sellers to interact for selling or purchasing furniture and home decor items in their community
  • It is easy to buy, sell, discover and barter restored, preowned and vintage home decor items and furniture
  • User’s location is used to display the nearby items. However, it is not revealed to the sellers.
  • Seller profile and ratings are provided. Sellers can be individuals, local vintage shops, or second hand stores.
  • Appointment time for a meeting with the seller to view the product can be set.  
  • Chatting can be done through the application without revealing personal details such as phone number and email.

Download Trove Market on Android | Trove Market on App Store



  • Craigslist is similar to the newspaper’s Classified section. It is a marketplace which provides classifieds and forums under different categories such as housing,job,sales,community,services,discussion forums,etc.
  • Items can be sold as well as purchased.



  • Sharehive is a freelancer marketplace and social club which lets women collaborate, get paid work or swap skills. It helps women in creating a life on their own conditions or terms .
  • Freelance services can be offered according to the skill possessed by the user such as writing, design, marketing or any kind of business.
  • Transaction fee is not charged and easy payment options are available



  • Let go let users shop for the best deals locally on anything needed from Playstation, a new smartphone or home decor items
  • It automatically categorizes and titles seller’s listing which is a great feature
  • Other user’s profile,ratings and reviews  can be checked along with chatting feature
  • On pointing the camera at the stuff the seller wants to sell, he/she will get to see the similar items that are being sold on letgo.



  • 5miles is also a marketplace which lets buyers and sellers interact within 5 miles. Buying is possible through browsing listings and making offers with the seller. Products can be shipped or  a meetup can be planned with the seller. Selling is easy as well. Just upload a picture, add description and communicate with the buyers through chat feature or planning a meetup
  • Nearest listings can be found using GPS and zip code
  • The listings can be shared via facebook, twitter, email and sms
  • There’s a SEAL(Safe area exchange locator) feature which lets users find a meetup spot which is secured.
  • The team monitors listings on daily basis and monitors chats as well to prevent fraud.
  • The boost feature lets users to move their listings to the top of the feed which is free of charge’



  • Peerhub is like a social marketplace which lets users buy and sell for Steem dollars and more and eventually help in building a new economy
  • It lets users sell or purchase new ,used and handmade stuff with knowns in their local area or anywhere in the world
  • Different items are divided into different categories to browse easily
  • New items can be posted easily by sellers by simply clicking on post a new item



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