Devices That Will Change Your LIfe: Hard Drive Disk Enclosure Case

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Hard drive disk (HDD) enclosure case is external case for your hard drive.41UOeWk8E9L

I had a really old dell laptop which had a samsung hard drive of capacity 160 GB. By selling it I wasn’t getting a good price. So what next? Keep what’s useful and throw out (recycle) the rest.

External hard drives are really expensive. Luckily, I thought to keep this hard drive. So I got a screwdriver, flipped the laptop and started opening its screws where the hard drive was located (bottom right edge). I was surprised to see the hard disk was of samsung’s.

To connect it another laptop/PC I needed a special cable called SATA cable. I went out shopping for it and didn’t find what I wanted but got what I needed. I found a Sata case or a HDD enclosure case. It comes with a small case, a connection wire and a screw driver. Just insert the hard disk in it and attach the top of the case and voila it becomes a external hard drive!

I got the Sata case for about 300INR. And my toshiba external hard drive costed me 5000INR. So better keep you hard drive before selling away your laptops!

Advantages of SATA case

  1. Makes a really good hard disk to a external hard drive which can be formatted easily
  2. Saves you a lot of money which you would have spent on buying an external hard drive
  3. Gives you plenty of storage space (depending upon your hard drive)

Only thing to keep in mind is the size of your hard disk and the size of the sata case. 2.5 means 2.5 inches of your HDD. It is mostly used in laptops while on PC’s you will find 3.5 inches HDD.

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