iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Specifications and Price

iphone 7

Apple had launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus on 7th September in the United States and made it available for pre order on the 9th.

How are iPhone 7 and 7 plus different from others?

  • These iPhones come with a brilliant aluminium finish that is better than anything.
  • It’s battery life has finally increased. If you were an iPhone 6 user then you would at least on an average get 2 more hours of battery life.
  • The home screen button has been changed completely. Replacing the old button with a touch sensor which is also a fingerprint sensor. This removes the old age problem of a sinking home button.
  • It runs iOS 10 which has many new features like new messaging app, night mode, home app, advanced security, etc.
  • It comes without any audio jack. To use your earphones you would probably need lighting to 3.5mm audio jack wire which costs around 10$ or you could simply buy the airpods (which will be launched in October) that cost 159$ which is a bit too extensive! It has a dock which holds 24 hours of battery. You can use airpods for 5 hours at a time. If you need a quick charge then place them in the dock for 15 minutes to be able to use them for 3 hours.
  • It consists of loud speakers which give you the sound of a stereo. More like a dual stereo system. Uses the top and bottom speaker.
  • The cameras are mind blowing. Especially for 7 plus which comes with a telephoto camera. That is two camera shooting as one. This really improves image quality especially for dark and zoomed images. This is only available in iPhone 7 plus.
  • It is the first water and splash resistant iPhone. It is also dust resistant.splash resistant
  • The display is even better than before. It has wide gamut colour display plus 25% brighter
  • It is 2 times faster than iPhone 6



wide gamut display

iPhone 7: 4.7″
iPhone 7 Plus: 5.5″
Both come with wide colour gamut display


iPhone 7 plus camera

iPhone 7: 12MP primary camera, 7MP secondary camera.
iPhone 7 plus: Dual 12MP primary camera, 7MP secondary camera.


iPhone 7: 1960 mah, Li-Po; non removable, talk time 14h 3g
iPhone 7 plus: 2645 mah li-po battery, non removable. (Talk time 21h on 3g)


iPhone 7: 2GB
iPhone 7 Plus: 3GB

Internal memory

32GB, 128GB, 256GB
Jet black and black available only in 128 and 256


colours of iPhone 7 and 7 plusJet black black silver gold rose gold.


iPhone 7 iOS 10iOS 10
Chipset A10

In the box only the charging wire, adapter and handset will be available.

It uses a nano sim.


The iPhone 7 starts from $649 (32gb), 128GB iPhone 7 costs $749 and the 256GB model will be available at $849.
The iPhone 7 plus starts at $769 (32GB), $869 (128GB) and $969 (256GB)

It was launched in the Indian market on October 7th, Friday with a price of rupees 60000INR for 32GB iPhone 7 model going till 92,000INR for 256GB iPhone 7 plus. (as seen on amazon and flipkart)

Is it really worth the price?

iPhone 7 plus

Please share your thoughts with us about the new iPhone.
Thank you.


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