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Mi power bank

Let’s be truthful. We are addicted to our phones. At least I know I am. But it makes me really upset to always go and keep it aside to charge it when it is running out of battery. I used to have an iPhone 5 and its battery drained all the time. So I had got myself a power bank. And I could use the phone for longer periods without parting with it.
A power bank, as I am sure most of you must be knowing, is a portable charger. It’s just a small gadget that holds power in it which you can use to charge small things like your phone or tablet. The power in the power bank can be reloaded anytime by charging it.

Should you buy a power bank?
1. If you own an iPhone then yes. Please.
2. If your phone’s battery is draining within 3 hours of NORMAL use and you do not want to buy another phone then first try to buy a new battery (only for those whose battery is removable), if you cannot buy a battery then buy a power bank.
3. If you travel a lot and are planning to go to places where there is no electricity like camping then a power bank is what you need.
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A phone has a number of charging cycles. The more frequent you charge your battery the faster it will die. So it’s better to use the phone till the battery is about to die and then charge it until it’s 100%.
This is very difficult to achieve if you do not have a power bank.
Just be careful when buying a power bank. First find out how big is your battery, that is how much power it can hold. for example iPhone 6 has a battery of 1810 mAh. Then find a BRANDED power bank which at least has 1810 mAh capacity or more. I would suggest buying at least a 8000 mAh power bank.
Please don’t buy any products you have doubts about. I have used Sony, Mi and OnePlus power banks and all of them are really good.
The Oneplus power bank was expensive. I preferred the Mi power bank because it is really good to use and has 10400 mAh battery (priced at rupees 999inr).
Please ask your peers too for any suggestions about power banks. Also do your research before buying one.
If you have doubts please don’t hesitate to ask me. Any suggestions are also welcomed.

Thank you and be happy!


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