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Android Wear Watches are smartwatches which utilize Android operating system to power itself, and also work with your smart phones simultaneously. These smart watches are worn around your wrist and do a lot more than just telling you the time. These watches work perfectly fine with your android phones and also iPhones as long as the configuration part is done properly.  There are many types of smartwatches available in the market, both for men and women, usually newer and expensive ones are waterproof and stylish whereas cheap ones tend to be chinese knock offs, but still does what it supposed to do without any problems. A regular smartwatch is more likely for both genders (unisex), however, certain brands like LG and Samsung, release ladies/women and men’s smartwatches to satisfy the specific customer base.

android wear Uses

Android Wear Watches don’t only tell you the time but also have many uses.

  1. Helps to stay connected: Android wear displays all notifications like calls, messages, WhatsApps, reminders, etc. and also the time on the watch’s screen. This helps you stay connected with everything without removing the phone from your bag.
  2. Fitness Tracking: You can keep track of your fitness through many android wear apps like Google fit. Some of these apps are inbuilt.
  3. Listen to Music: Music browsing through android wear becomes very simple. You can listen to music on your android wear watch without your phone too. For this it needs either in built speakers or you must have a Bluetooth audio device. Here is how you can listen to music without your phone
  4. Google Now: Android wear features Google now, your personal assistant. It can do many tasks for you like make to-dos, add a reminder, set a timer or make a call, etc.
  5. Google Maps: Google Maps on android wear make exploring easy. They are easy to travel with.
  6. Ok Google or Voice search: Need to search something? Just use the voice search by saying Ok Google and search whatever you need by your watch.
  7. Google translate: The watch has Google translate and can translate easily in over 90 languages.
  8. Other apps: There are many other apps that are now developed for android wear. From games to social apps, you can have everything on your watch.

Different Types Of Watches

The watches come with different styles. With round and square faces and different band straps. You can change these straps on some of them as you wish for the occasion.

How To Set Up Android Wear?

First download the Android Wear app from Play Store or App Store.

Make sure the android watch is fully charged and powered on. To power it on, push and hold the watch button for a couple of seconds.

The screen will show you some instructions; just follow them as stated ahead.

  1. Select your language on the watch
  2. Open android wear and a prompt will appear asking to connect your watch. This will happen only if Bluetooth is on.
  3. If the prompt doesn’t appear then click “add a watch” in the android wear app and then select the watch name.
  4. After a few minutes a message will appear on the watch, which will confirm the connection. Now you are ready to explore your watch

Now you are connected to your android wear watch. A phone can connect to multiple watches but only one watch at a time

What to Check while buying an android wear watch?

You must check whether

  1. The watch is compatible with your phone. This is the most important thing for your watch to connect to your phone.
  2. The watch has Wi-Fi in it. You can buy a watch with or without Wi-Fi. If you want to use the watch independently, like download music on the watch, then select a watch with Wi-Fi.
  3. Check whether offline GPS is supported
  4. Check whether it has in built speakers. This is needed if you want to listen music from your watch or need to use Google now.
  5. Always buy watches from a trusted buyer.
  6. Check which version of android wear you are buying. The 2.0 version has better interface, stand alone apps and is also more independent from the phone.

Android Smart Watch Price

The price of android smart watch varies with the type and brand of the watch.

Many brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, etc have come up with android smart watch with different price ranges.

Android Smart Watch Price Range

Android Smart watch Price would range from 10$ to 300$.

Android Smart Watch Price Budget

An android smart watch price of $70 to $80 would buy you a decent android wear watch.

Android Smart Watch Prices

Brands      Price Range
Pebble30$ to 120$
ASUS65$ to 230$
Sony77$ to 207$
Huawei 123$ to 339$
Fossil181$ to 209$
Motorola104$ to 317$
LG70$ to 224$
Samsung70$ to 319$


Android wear watches are becoming popular because they are cheaper than apple watches and are also better alternatives to fitness bands. Its stylish looks and technical capabilities make it worth the investment.


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