How to be safe when riding in cabs like Uber

Safety in riding Cabs through apps like Uber and Ola

Nowadays, all the citizens of every country have taken to riding in cabs because of their enormous advantages. These have huge convenience over other means of transport because firstly, the travel is at our fingertips. Since the traveller of the cabs can immediately monitor the response time given for any travel to some destination they pose to be very time effective.

Uber and Ola Cabs which are available in the Indian scenario have generally cheap affairs and accept credit and debit cards and the rate is also determined immediately and there can be no issues with the payment of money and even if there are any, it’s sorted out immediately. In fact one can stay assured that the driver won’t cheat and take someone in the wrong direction. One also gets to know how long it will take for the ride and how long it will take to arrive to their destination. There is a lot of assurance on these factors.

But there ample cases in which this has not been the case. One such mention should be made of the 35 year old woman dying midway in an uber trip. On 14th June Tanzila Shaikh,was killed in an Uber cab in which she was travelling. The cab had been smashed into a stationary garbage van. The report said that some foreign object had pierced into her friend deep within which resulted in her instant death and both eyes head sunk into the sockets due to the impact which indicates that the driver was speeding as a result of which Tanzila died. It was a case of a rash driving on the part of the Uber driver and it costed the life of a young woman. But the authorities and private players associated with Uber and the government show callousness in their attitude as to giving any type of condolences or justice to the case of Tanzila. The driver was penalised twice in a month before this case for rash and speedy driving.


How Does The General Public Benefit From Apps Like Uber?

The citizens of India have now made some commitments on trip safety and a safe drive with uber. The Uber community commits to the travelers that people shall be kept safe on the road. The technology of providing a smartphone with the route enables the riders to focus on the safety by keeping an eye on the route that is being followed.

Uber ensures getting a safe ride before the trip.

Safe pick ups

The app user is so entitled that the app automatically find the person’s location to provide instant service. So one can definitely be safe and comfortable wherever they are until the driver arrives.

Access to everyone irrespective of their location

The rides which are requested by the customers are matched with the driver that is at the closest distance to the customer, so there is no discrimination which is based on any sort of caste, creed, gender, race or destination.

Viewing the driver profiles.

The customers can easily view the profile of the driver their matched to. One can easily see the name, licence plate number and a photo while waiting for the driver who is going to pick them up and one can also contact the driver if one has left anything behind during the trip.

Availability on the map during the journey

One can easily follow one’s trip in real time so that one can always know there current location and if one uses the facility of uberPOOL one also knows who is riding along.

Options of sharing the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

During the journey after being picked up by Uber driver, one can easily share their approximate time interval in which they are going to arrive at their destinations with their family or friends so that those friends or acquaintances can follow their routes and understand when to expect them.

Not only before and during the trip but Uber also disposes safety options after the trip.

To launch anonymous feedback of the trip

The customer can easily rate the driver of Uber after every trip and provide a feedback of their trip without mentioning their name. In fact over insurance the review of all the feedback in order to make easy ride a wonderful time and experience for the customer.

24×7 Support

Uber community or Support team is ever ready to respond to the question that is made by the customers about the trip and also sometimes help one retrieve their lost items, if any.

Immediate Response

Uber really has a Canal of individuals who are specially trained for responding quickly to the customers of uber around the clock and is ready to handle any urgent concern that may arise.

Uber website also provides guide to how to keep oneself safe during a trip with uber. Uber is supposed to have work with law enforcement to create is guide on safety of ride with uber.  

One can use the following link to read the guide

  • So now been Uber app has literally advanced itself and developing such a way that their technologies comes partnered with safety.
  • One has to plan ahead before one requests a ride and if one is using the app for the first time can just review as to how to use it.
  • One does not really need to go outside and spend useless time outside to fetch the car and can wait indoors instead until the app ensures the arrival of the Uber driver.
  • The licence plate number is specified with driver’s details in the app itself after booking the cab and hence one should get into the right car by checking all the details with the car that has arrived.

These are some of the tips for a safe ride with apps like Uber. 


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