How Does The General Public Benefit From Apps Like Uber?

Ola, Uber and other taxi apps

Technology has indeed taken over our lives. From ordering your favourite food, dresses, travel bookings or booking cabs, you just need money and an internet connection! It has changed our lifestyle drastically. Everyone wants instant results because of the daily life hassles and busy schedules. Travelling has been made so cost effective and easy now because of Uber like apps. A cab is just few clicks away no matter where you are. It is very useful for the general public.

How Does The App Work?

Let us try to understand how does these apps work by looking at the following steps:

  1. Download the desired application on your smartphones and create an account by filling in the required fields such as your name, contact number, email id, etc. Firstly, you need to enter your location either manually or it can detect it automatically as well if you turn on your location and GPS. That will be the pickup point from where the driver will pick you.
  2. Now, enter the drop location i.e where the driver will drop you.
  3. As soon as you enter your drop and pickup locations, the driver will accept your request and the estimated arrival time will be displayed to you. If you are getting late, your ride can be cancelled if the arrival time is longer than expected.
  4. You will be shown the estimated fare according to the kind of car you want. If you opt for POOL service, the fare will be comparatively less as you are sharing the ride with others. You can even apply coupons to reduce the fare which are provided to regular customers.
  5. Choose the mode of payment. If you are satisfied with everything, you can confirm your booking. All the details will be provided to you including the car’s name and number, driver’s name, contact number and ratings and sometimes even an OTP number which you’ll have to give to the driver to start the driver. You can even easily track your ride.
  6. You will be dropped to your location using the Maps and GPS services.
  7. Your fare is calculated on the completion of your ride including all the details and you can pay as per the payment mode selected by you.
  8. After the completion, you will be asked to give ratings to the driver in between 1 to 5 stars and the driver will rate you as well. You can even mention a compliment if you are highly satisfied or might even choose among the options provided to you.

Future of Artificial Intelligence And Its Uses

Advantages of Taxi/Cab booking apps like Uber

Cost effective

The fare is generally reasonable and an approximate fare is shown before confirming your booking. So, it saves you from price negotiations.


After confirming your booking, you get all the details of the driver on your device. So, it’s safe as compared to travelling in a local taxi/cab. Apart from this, some apps also provide an emergency button so as to get help in case of any mishappening. You can share your details with anyone so as to track your ride to ensure safety .

24/7 service

The service is available 24/7. Imagine coming back from a party at 1 am, you’ll rarely find any transportation but such apps provide their services 24/7. You can easily book a cab through your smartphones and reach home safely.

Saves time

Such services indeed saves your time as you can avoid chasing a taxi or other transportation on roads. It connects you to the nearby drivers which are nearby to your location so that they reach the customers in no time. The cabs are generally 3 to 5 minutes away.

Convenient payment options

Money can be directly charged from the debit or credit cards or the apps wallet options. Cash transactions can be eliminated and passengers can leave the taxi without any cash payments. Cashless transactions can also reduce the risk of thefts.

Google maps and GPS navigation

Google maps are used by the driver so as to reach the desired location. There will be no issues if you are travelling to a new place and do not know the way. GPS navigation is also enabled. The ride can be tracked in case of emergency or otherwise as well. A Estimated time of arrival (ETA) is also generated on the basis of current traffic scenarios.

User experience

After completion of the ride , you need to rate the performance of the driver. An average rating is  shown to you when you book a ride. It’ll help in improvement of their performance in future.

Pool services

Pool services are also provided by some apps wherein you share your ride with other passengers such as Uber Pool or Ola Share. It helps in reducing the cost and the fare is generally low. It also helps in reducing traffic and pollution by sharing your ride with others. The drop location of other passengers is generally on your way. Some apps such as Ola also provides share passes which are generally cheap according to the desired kilometres.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons are also provided to regular customers so as to maintain consistency and lower fares.

High quality service

High quality service is provided to the customers. The drivers are professionally trained. The cars are also clean,comfortable and air conditioned , the driver ensures that you are able to enjoy your ride.  Wifi services are also provided by some so as to ensure a comfortable ride.

Hence, the advantages of such apps are never ending. They are indeed very useful to the general public in a lot of ways. They make your life really easy and comfortable. This new type of personal transportation provides all the benefits of traditional taxi services  and extra conveniences. It is indeed giving a tough competition to local transportation services.


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