Future of Artificial Intelligence And Its Uses

Future of AI

In today’s world, technology has no bounds. It has reached such a level that humans can achieve whatever they want with the technology’s help. Today, everyone wants things to be done quickly and efficiently. Artificial intelligence is one such way.  John Mc Carthy is the father of Artificial Intelligence. It is the way of creating such a system or technology wherein human intelligence is implemented in machines such that machines think, learn and even act like human beings. It includes the ability to adapt or imitate humans. Other than Computer Science, Artificial intelligence relates to disciplines such as  Psychology, Biology, Mathematics and Engineering. Productivity will improve through such technologies and create growth opportunities. It helps in shaping a relationship among humans and machines.


  • To create such a system which can understand, think, learn or behave like humans i.e imitate them.
  • providing reliable and efficient results
  • problem solving capabilities

Danger of Love Dolls with Artificial Intelligence

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can emerge to be of great help in the future and  also initiate development.

Here are few of the ways of how it can be useful to humans :

Increases efficiency

Artificial intelligence leads to performance of tasks which requires intensive human labour or which might not be possible at all. Hence, it will increase efficiency and speed as well. It’ll help us to focus on more quality  life which won’t require human effort.

Eliminates errors

When humans perform any task, it is indeed possible that they make errors and might lead to a wrong solution or might disrupt a task. But, in case of machines, the errors are eliminated and it leads to accurate result generation.

Application in daily life

Smartphones are almost used by everyone which is also one of the uses of artificial intelligence. We use Siri or Cortana or Alexa for the purpose of fetching any information, set any reminders, etc. GPS is also used for travelling. While using social media applications such as Facebook, whenever we post a picture, it automatically detects the face of the person and let us tag them. It can make every task easy.

Multi Tasking

Machines can perform tasks which are tedious in nature. Repetitive tasks can be performed by machines without getting tired and without taking any breaks. It can perform multiple tasks at a time unlike humans. Humans have a tendency to get distracted easily and get tired which can lead to reduction in the efficiency of task performed. Hence, artificial intelligence can help in a great way to perform multiple tasks


Using artificial intelligence is very convenient and helps in increasing productivity as well. For Example: it can help in scheduling tasks or meetings and setting reminders.


Artificial intelligence can be very useful for the healthcare sector as well.

Medical institutions can use such technology for assistance in operations or surgeries. It can be even used for staff training purposes. Robotics is used even for mental health  patients to help them and feel better. Radiosurgery is also one of the application of artificial intelligence. It is used in curing tumours. Robots can perform such huge surgeries better to minimize the risk of human lives. It can also help in educating about side effects of various diseases.

Saves time

It helps in saving time by providing quick results and saving us from doing repetitive tasks.

Better analysis

AI powered machines can let us gather huge amount of data and helps in analysing it better as compared to humans. It also helps in getting quantitative analysis by analysing the data properly.

Self driving cars

Artificial Intelligence is also expected to bring in self driving cars leading to safe and reliable transportation. It can also reduce the road accidents which are mostly done because of lack of concentration of humans and help in minimizing the environmental impact such as air pollution and noise pollution. People of all ages can enjoy as it won’t need you to learn driving.

Fast decision making

It can help in making faster and smarter decisions. Humans can make wrong decisions which might lead to improper results. There is surety of accuracy with the help of such technology

A fun world

It can turn out to be a fun and interactive world as you can spend more time with your family because it’ll be easy to complete every task with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


AI can be a great help to financial institutions as well. Use of AI by banking institutions can help in detecting fraudulent activities, bookkeeping, investment in stocks, etc. Hence, it’ll help in reducing crimes and fraudulent activities.

Smart Predictions

Assistants such as  Cortana, siri, Google assistant and alexa  are also a part of Artificial intelligence which help us in making smart predictions! They identify our voice and follows the instructions as per our voice .These are voice-controlled smart assistants. They offer a lot of services such as sending messages, showing content based on our liking and scheduling meetings or setting reminders, etc.


AI can help in the aviation sector as well. It can also eliminate the fear of  people who travel as it won’t be controlled by humans. Hence, it’ll reduce mishappenings. It might even help in the process of bringing in new concepts of aircraft.

Help to older people

Old people generally face difficulties in doing tasks on their own after a certain age. They are usually sent to old age homes for taking care of them. However, with the help of robots, they’ll be able to get any task done easily at their homes. This will help them in living a independent life and reduce burden on their parents as well.

Hence, AI is definitely useful to humanity.  Advantages of AI outrank the disadvantages of AI such as high cost and risk. So, if AI is used efficiently and smartly, it can even help in transforming a developing country like India into a developed country and improve growth opportunities.


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