How to Delete or Deactivate Your Social Network Accounts?

Deactivate Social Media Accounts

The social network has indeed impacted our lives in a huge way. Although there are a lot of benefits to social networking, it has several negative aspects too. We might desire to delete those social apps for sometime or entirely to enjoy personal privacy or there might be some other factors such as lack of personal information which can force you to do so. Some most used social media are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, google plus,  youtube, voat.

Here are the steps which can be followed to delete your accounts on respective social media:

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Facebook provides you with two options: deactivation or deletion of your account.


When you deactivate your account, your account won’t be there on Facebook anymore but Facebook retains all your data and it can be reactivated again by simply logging into your account.

You can follow the following steps to deactivate the account from a web browser:

  • Open your account and tap on the drop-down arrow at the right hand side corner.
  • Choose Account Settings, then General and select Manage account category.
  • You’ll find the option for deactivation of your account. Click on Deactivate.
  • Enter your password and why you are deactivating. The number of reasons such as privacy concern, wastage of time, hacking is listed.  You can select one of them as per your choice and finally go ahead with deactivation.

In case of Android, the procedure remains same.

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In case of deletion, your account will be deleted permanently and you will not be able to get back access to it again which can take upto 90 days to completely erase all your data from backups.You can type the following link on your address bar to delete and proceed further as directed:


Youtube is also among one of the popular social media tools which allow you to share videos online, create your own channel and promote your own unique ideas. But, there may be situations wherein you wish to delete your account. Similar to Facebook, it provides you two options: Hide your channel temporarily or delete your channel permanently.

Hide your channel temporarily

Let’s look at the steps which needs to be followed to hide your channel temporarily. This way, you’ll be able to hide your content temporarily and can re-enable it later.

  • Sign in to your Youtube Channel on the web.
  • Go to advanced account settings. Look at the right corner, tap on Account and then settings. Tap on the Advanced option under the name of the channel.
  • Tap on Delete Channel. Enter your sign in details as desired.
  • Tap on  I want to hide my channel or I want to hide my content.
  • Select the content which you want to hide.
  • Tap on Hide my channel.

Deleting your channel permanently

  • Sign in to your Youtube channel on the web.
  • Open advanced account settings. On the right corner, Tap on your Account and then settings. Under “Account settings,” tap on Overview.
  • Tap on Advanced under the name of your channel
  • Tap on Delete channel and enter Sign In details if asked for.
  • Tap on  I want to permanently delete my content.
  • Tap on Delete my content.


To delete your Reddit Account, follow the following steps:

  • Login to your reddit account. Open reddit preferences and tap on deactivate option.
  • Go as per the instructions shown on screen for account deletion. You must be aware of your account password.
  • Check the confirmation box and chose to deactivate account option.
    If the account gets deleted, nobody can ever use that username again.


To delete your Voat Account,  Go to Tap on “Delete your account” tab.

Google plus

To delete your Google Plus account, follow the following steps:

  • After filling in the required details, login and tap on the small profile photo thumbnail at the right corner on top .  Select Account to open your Google+ settings.
  • Tap on Services in the settings page and click on Delete profile to proceed further.
  • Two options will be provided.
  • Tap on Delete Google+ content .check the fields required.

    All the services linked to your Google+ account will not be accessible anymore.


To delete your twitter account,  follow the following steps:
Sign in to Twitter’s website on the web.

  • Tap on your Twitter avatar at the page top.
  • Tap on Settings and privacy.
  • Click Deactivate your account below the Account menu.
  • Click Deactivate to confirm deactivation.
  • Enter your password for confirmation.


Instagram is an application created for sharing pictures and videos.It’s working resembles Facebook or Twitter. If something is posted by you, it is visible to your followers and the content posted by the people you are following will be visible to you. However, you might wish to delete your account temporarily or permanently on Instagram due to some reasons.

How to Delete your account permanently?

To delete your account permanently, you need to login from a web browser. You cannot permanently delete it using the smartphone application. Follow the following steps:

  • Login to your account by entering your username and password. Go to the the Delete Your Account page.
  • Tap on one of the option from drop down menu beside Why are you deleting your account? Enter your password again and Select a reason for deleting your account
  • Click on Permanently delete my account.

How to Temporarily Disable Your account?

In case, you do not want  permanent deletion of your account, you can also disable your account for a specific time period. The content on your profile will be hidden till the time you reactivate your account. The following steps needs to be followed  to temporarily disable your account:

  • Login to your Instagram account from a web browser.
  • Tap on Edit Profile at the right corner.
  • Click on Temporarily disable my account at the right
  • Tap on an option from drop down menu beside Why you are disabling your account ?  Enter your password again. Do select a reason.
  • Click on Temporarily disable Account.

Once you login again, it’ll be reactivated.


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