Danger of Love Dolls with Artificial Intelligence

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Robots have come a long way, and are still being developed in many countries under various intentions. From what could only have been crazy fictional ideas, mankind and science have made it possible today to have actual functional and talking robots. Robots are widely used in many industries, and for various purposes. Industrial revolution had made the need of having robots for producing goods in mass number intense. So today robots are heavily used in the manufacturing industry than in any other fields. With the advancement of the technology the robots, who were limited to certain few actions, got more lifelike. Nowadays it’s frequently discussed about artificial intelligence, and how it’s going to benefit the mankind. Artificial intelligence is still quite new, and in its infancy, yet it’s widely used for various applications.  This article discusses how Artificial Intelligence is used in the adult industry, and what are the consequences arise from it. Adult industry primarily uses silicone based dead looking dolls, but still they are already popular among many people, and with this substantial upgrade, it expects that consumers may be able to enjoy the product even more. Harmony 2.0 is the name of a new love doll which is heavily discussed in the media nowadays due to its inbuilt Artificial Intelligence. She can walk, talk and basically be more like a human being than a doll.


The company Abyss Creations, LLC was found in 1997 in San Marcos, California, USA. They claim to have been making the world’s finest love dolls under its private company called RealDolls. The CEO and creator of the doll, Matt McCullen, created these love doll robots to have a realistic experience when being intimate with these dolls.

The customers can buy a ready made model or even customise their doll as they prefer. They can do it by selecting a range of nipple colours, breasts​ size and labia size. They can also select one of the 18 different personality traits available at the moment for their doll. Want it to be shy or jealous or witty or funny or smart? Make your own choice. It is after all to make “the girl you always dreamed of” realistic. As functions harmony has many more functions apart from being a regular sex doll. There functions are moving her eyes, lips, talking and walking. Although these functions are limited, they are still a big step towards making lifelike robots. She speaks in a seductive Scottish accent and also wants to be a “good partner” and a “girl you always dreamed of”. She also finds intimacy “fascinating”. The artificial intelligence makes the doll to remember the favourite things about her partner, like food, and also can remember their birthdays. This however is still limited, but expected to get upgraded in the near future.

The threats

Many people believe this love doll is a revolutionary step towards lifelike robots while many are against it. I believe that Harmony 2.0 is probably going to negatively impact on the humanity or at least damage the life of many individuals by making them addicted to a fantasy world. And here is why.

Women viewed as sex objects

This concept of sex dolls is really weird because a person can still provide themselves pleasure through masturbating, then why use sex dolls? Is it because it’s an actual silicone doll that makes it all better? Whatever the reason might be, but this concept of sex dolls makes some people to see women as a symbol for sex, women as a source of pleasure that can or is made to satisfy your basic sexual needs. But in reality women are much more than just a sex symbol. Women are also human beings like men with feelings who need love and affection. While one doesn’t need to date a sex doll or take them out to dates before shagging them, women do need to be treated with respect and love, but with these sex dolls men may lose respect towards women gradually.

Feminism Definition and Women’s Rights Today

Sex dolls will prevent human interaction

As stated earlier. Sex is a basic human need. In Maslow’s triangle it comes in the physiological needs, meaning at the bottom of the triangle. However to have a sexual partner, it’s better one dates and finds someone whom they like or have similar views, then after sometime later they may physical intimacy. This is a long process but it helps in developing a good relationship and also helps a person for their social needs. However when a sex doll replaced a real human being, all the lengthy procedure of dating, love, relationship are omitted, what remains is just a dead looking doll whom you shag. It’s true with harmony there will be more interactions with the doll, since they have speaking and walking abilities and all like a real human being, but her speech and movements are limited and are still in their infancy – after all it’s not a human, and thus there wouldn’t be any human interaction which results in reducing the person’s brain development in social area. What is more danger and unfortunate fact are that once these dolls will start becoming widely available, it would discourage the people, especially men to go out and seek a real human sexual partner. Hence it will prevent human interactions to a great extent.

separate couples

Reduces love

Dolls and machines cannot love. It’s true they know what to say at any given time. They can be funny, smart and witty and even help us with random things like telling us a recipe or Google search. But that isn’t true love. It’s just really really good coding to make our works easy and make us entertain. What is more, dolls do not come with any real personality. They do not have any experiences to share with you. It is you who decide their future and present, basically you have the complete control over the doll like a slave master and hence it doesn’t create a good bonding between you and the robot. This doesn’t sound like love at all. They cannot go out to dates with you or even do the house chores with you. What is even worse is that after sex you have to detach the used part and wash it in the dishwasher. I am sure this would destroy all notions of love. Instead of wasting money on a robot, just spend some time in finding a perfect friend or a partner. A good healthy conversation would share more love than shagging a sex doll. Besides a good partner is always be there when the life is hit by bumps.

reduce love


Lesser human interaction would lead to isolation, and on top of that with a sex doll that talks, people would stop trying to meet other people in search for a partner. While not having a partner doesn’t make someone less social, substituting the need of a partner with a doll is not an answer. In fact with the rise of the sex robots instead of people going to certain public places after work in look for their soulmate, they would go straightly home for the robot. This would only lead to separation and cause isolation among humans. Social networks already made people to be less social in real world, and somewhat isolated, and with sex robots it will escalate further into a chaos. Let’s say a person is doing freelancing from home or has a work from home business. In such cases, the only way they would meet other people is by going out. But having a sex doll which talks would be an easy substitute for the people with whom they socialize. However, this will lead the person to be less social, and isolated. Human beings are social creatures, and thus we are supposed to be social. When people don’t socialize enough, it will lead to various psychological problems according to psychology today. 


Increasing drift between men and women

It is obvious that there is already a drift between men and women due to various reasons for the past few decades. And this is quite apparent judging by the amount of movements formed against the opposite gender such as MGTOW, Radical feminism etc.. While they may have their own reasons to form them, still it’s not okay to get into the extremism to solve the existing problems in the society, as it will make the problems that we have even worse. While feminism means fighting for equal rights, extreme feminism goes to hating men and creating an anti men world. Misogynists are people who dislike women. This has always caused a rift between men and women, and sex dolls would do nothing but increase this rift. Who needs a partner from the opposite gender when they have sex dolls right? That would be the main reason for increasing this drift. If the sex robot culture got more popular, it will probably lead to a future when a woman is going to a sperm bank so she and her robot partner can have kids. I know it sounds impossible and ridiculous. But so was the idea of an iPad.

drift between women and men

Types of AI

There are two kinds of artificial Intelligence A supervised AI is always in the control of the coder. Doesn’t do anything new and has a set of functions. Whereas a unsupervised AI has the ability to adapt and learn from its environment. These AIs are not under the supervision of any human being and can grow on their own by doing, learning and observing the environment. But such unsupervised AI pose a threat to the existence of humanity. If you have seen any robot apocalypse movie, then you know what I am talking about. Such unsupervised AI can pose a threat because they can learn anything and can even be self righteous and power hungry. However these sex dolls will have a supervised AI. Which means that it cannot learn new things. Nor can it go beyond the set of functions assigned to it by the developers. This limits the functionality and intelligence of the doll making it really restricted to talk to.


From what I have stated above, I can easily come to a conclusion that sex dolls with AI pose a real threat to humanity. Sure you could say that this article is really one sided and stresses only on the negative points. Okay then let’s think about the positive aspect such as removes unnecessary​ human interaction, saves time, better step towards a robotic future? None of these positive points outweigh the negative points of the sex dolls. What is more scary is that some experts predict that by 2050, humans would be marrying these love dolls like normal human beings, and recently a japanese guy did something similar to this by marrying to a VR (Virtual Reality) doll.


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    Good article.

  2. Avatar

    Sexbots are dangerous because they will break the human female sex cartel, thereby removing the female source of power over men. This is at the core of all anti-sexbot arguments.

    As far as “increasing the drift between men and women”, gynocentrism has now made relationships a weird menage-a-trois between a man, a woman, and the state. Men didn’t invite the state in, women did. This “drift” is rapidly becoming a tsunami. The MGTOW phenomenon is on the verge of going mainstream.

    A sexbot is wires, plastics, and electronics. A vibrator is wires, plastics, and electronics. Add a simple voice program to one and there is no difference between it and an AI sexbot. Where is your anti-vibrator article? You won’t write one, thereby proving my first paragraph to be true.

    Sexbots are not, and will not, be my thing. But who am I, or you, or anyone else to deny those who want them? Again, where is your anti-vibrator article. Should they be banned for the same reasons as this anti-sexbot article? Be careful, your hypocrisy may be about to show.

    The bigger picture is that having a relationship with a woman is now an extreme risk to a man’s health, wealth, and liberty. And I do mean “liberty” as in being incarcerated. Men are making the rational choice to not play a game with so very much actual risks for what is now a mythological reward.

    1. Don Dilanga

      This is the author’s opinion, you can send your own opinion to publish on our blog too for free of charge.

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