Best AntiVirus Guards For Windows 10

Windows 10 best antivirus guards

One would never want their Windows 10 PCs, laptops, notepad, iPads or tablets to be a threatened by “Viruses”. Windows devices have always been a significant target for all sorts of wistful hackers or operators who are always bent upon accessing your valuable data and bring your system under their control. Ransomware, file less attacks , spyware, adware, blended malware may constitute to some of the threats posed on your devices. Despite the carefulness of the users online, the danger is still tremendous for Windows 10 users, and hence it seems to be a necessity to keep a regularly updated antivirus package which would keep you safe from the contemporary threats.

Users are lead to believe that only expensive antivirus software protection can do them good, but it is in fact not true. Users have to be extremely wise while choosing a software. There are dozens of antivirus solutions available, but don’t worry, this website has performed hands-on calculations of many such tools to help you choose one wisely. Also to the users who might be thinking do we really need a malware protection? The answer would be Yes and hence here are some of the authentic suggestions of some of the best antivirus software protection for Windows 10.


  • Avast is one of the best antivirus protection software for windows 10. First things first, it is cost effective and is a free software which provides antivirus protection for almost without any intervention.
  • It is an extremely powerful digital security made easily available to users.
  • At just a single click true privacy is rendered. You can hide your online activities from your internet provider, employers and will be eligible to receive content you want, whenever you want. From restaurant, airport and railway station, the Avast Secure Line VPN takes care of it.
  • Avast helps to avoid unwanted websites posing danger. To get cleared of malicious websites is undoubtedly the best way to prevent infection. All the avast security products help you with it. Their Online Security browser extension automatically redirects the user to the correct site if a URL is having a typo. It warns you if you ever land on a malicious website. Legitimate websites, at times, also pose threat so the web shield protects the known malware from getting downloaded on your computers.
  • File shielding: The file which has already been downloaded is rescanned on your computers. If Malice is detected, it is henceforth filtered to their Virus Chest.
  • Cyber Safe: This option enables the malware to pass through numerous layers of scanning and the spyware posing threat is immediately blocked. There are millions and billions of files and URLs being scanned each month. It’s definitely a good choice.


  • Whether protection is needed for a single device, a smart home, any small business, hybrid infrastructure or Enterprise data centre, Bitdefender has the product that delivers the best security, unparalleled performance and awe-struck ease with which the software is used. Bitdefender has the largest security delivery infrastructure on the globe. It is likely to perform 11 billion security queries per day. Bitdefender detects, anticipates and takes action to neutralise even the newest dangers anywhere in the world in as little as 3 seconds. Their innovative skills earned them services to families and corporations from over 150 countries.
  • It involves an authentic and cost effective protection against malware for the PCs.
  • It helps connect safely to public Wifi and hotspots.
  • It ensures safe computer use for children.
  • Online payments and transactions are secured.
  • Not only PCs windows 10, but also MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It prevents webcam from leaking videos and so on. It is regarded as one of the best software for adware protection.

Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Platinum winner of customers Choice Award for endpoints Protection platforms, this is also regarded as one of the best antivirus protection software for Malware and spyware protection. Kaspersky Antivirus is a smarter way to protect the files and documents on your PC and to help keep you safe from virus spyware and Trojans and help stop ransomware locking up all your files.
  • Attached file anti-virus scans all the files that are opened or saved or Run.
  • It has Web Antivirus with captures incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous scripts from running while you are using the internet.
  • It has some functions like the system watcher which is likely to monitor and roll back the Malware actions.
  • Another striking feature is the IM anti-virus which actually scans incoming and outgoing IM messages for licences.
  • It actually is synonymous to the spam folder which is available in the Gmail or Yahoo Mail accounts and the mail antivirus scans incoming and outgoing messages for dangerous objects.  This is all about Kaspersky which is also not a bad choice as an anti-virus software.

Free Kaspersky Antivirus Guard Features Review

Windows Defender

  • If you really have to talk about Windows 10 security then it’s Windows Defender. Windows defender is a comprehensive built in ongoing and real time security protection that can be trusted blindly because it actually protects the computer from sites like viruses, Malware, spyware across Email Apps the cloud and of course the web.
  • It delivers a robust suite of security features..
  • Somerset striking features would be Microsoft edge. It helps to keep you protected from malicious websites and downloads. It renders parental controls , that is ,it helps to set a family protection which controls Windows 10 and also some Xbox devices which some website may access and also set some time limit to which apps and games can be seen or purchased.
  • Another striking feature would be the Windows firewall which is designed in such a way that hackers and malicious softwares are barred from gaining access to the device which the user is using through a network or the web. It does not discourage you in anyway because the most important service rendered is if your device is installed with Windows 10 and is lost or stolen then the find my device option can lock and erase your Windows phone from the device.
  • Next feature is that the password is the user itself when Windows says hello it gives ” please sign in ” to render fast secure way to unlock the device.


  • This is regarded as one of the oldest antivirus software. McAfee comes with a package of deals like the McAfee total protection, the McAfee live safe, etc. It is cost effective and also delivers a certainty that if the virus is protection is not up to the mark then the money shall be returned back to the customer.
  • The McAfee total protection products come with premium anti-virus and it identifies malwares and ensures privacy protection that is exactly needed for the Windows 10 PC or Macs, smartphones.
  • It helps to keep the personal Files Private by storing them with a combination of password protection and  encryption. In the event that a PC is getting attacked by virus it is the McAfee expert which remotely access the computer and remove it forever.
  • McAfee is always trusted all over the world and it comes with the cash back guarantee which is really good for the customers.

That’s all about the different malware protection softwares that can be helpful for protecting your computers PC, laptops, Smartphones and other devices from the attack of the malicious viruses which harm your system along with your peace of mind.


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