Devices That Will Change Your Life: OTG Cable

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Greetings my friends. This week we are back with another article about Devices that will change your life.
This week’s device is none other than (drumroll here) an OTG cable!

What is an OTG cable?
It’s a small wire or a plug which uses USB port as an input a micro USB port as an output.
(Micro USB is the plug which we use when charging our phones.)Web-ad-Otg-Cable

What are the benefits of having an OTG cable?
You can use your pendrives, thumb drives and certain hard drives on your mobile phone! This is beneficial when you need to carry extra data around but do not have enough storage on your phone.

So many phones today have only internal memory like Oneplus one, iPhone, Samsung, etc. So to expand this internal storage you can use an OTG cable. However if you have an iPhone it will not support an OTG cable. But I have heard of devices like idrive USB 3.0. (Never personally tried them.)

The OTG cable I have is called iConnect. It costed me around 100INR. It is really convenient to view and transfer files from my hard disk (I have Toshiba and samsung hard disks).
For easier viewing of the files on the USB input, I downloaded ES File Explorer.

You can purchase an OTG plug instead of a cable. It is essentially the same thing in a plug but more expesive comparatively. But honestly, I have been the happiest after getting myself this OTG cable!

Thank you for reading this article.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and just comment below or contact us.
If you have any requests then please tell us!
Thank you! Be happy be kind.


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