What is PUBG Mobile and its Review

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PUBG MOBILE (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) game was initially released on Windows but now it is available on Android and iOS as well along with Xbox One. It is developed by Tencent games which is a subsidiary of a Chinese Tech company, Tencent in collaboration with Quantum studios and Light speed. It is now one of the most addictive and popular game among the teens. There are different modes available to play this game to have different experiences such as classic mode and arcade mode.

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How to get started?

  • To get started, you can install PUBG MOBILE from the play store or the App Store. It will occupy a good amount of space. So, you need to have around 1.5 GB storage to install it.
  • It works on Android 5.1.1 or above and needs minimum 2 GB RAM. On opening the application, you can either play as a guest or login through Facebook.
  • However, if you login as a guest and uninstall the application and install it again later, you will have to play with a fresh start and nothing will be saved. If you login through Facebook, your game gets saved.
  • Now, you can add your friends as well to play together. You just need to know their username. You can either create a team manually or let it auto match with other random players.

PUBG Mobile

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How to play?

  • PUBG starts on an island with hundred players (classic mode) jumping from a plane and each player can decide where you want to jump and land. You can play solo, duo and in a group of four as well according to your preference.
  • There is a map provided to you which helps you decide where you want to jump and play. You need to keep an eye on the map to remain in the circle. You will see two circles on the map i.e. a blue and a white circle. You need to remain inside the white circle. If you move out of the blue circle, your health will start dropping and you’ll be killed eventually if you don’t move to a safe place.
  • You can also search for vehicles so as to get to the safe zone quickly and easily. Vehicles can also be used for killing your enemies by running it over them. There is a particular time period allotted to you within which you need to get inside the white circle. The circle keeps shrinking after specified time periods and there comes a point when it gets so small that you’ll have to defeat the players in that zone to win as all the players will get into that zone.
  • Apart from that there is a red spot highlighted on the map which is known as the Red Zone Area denoting that bombs will explode in that area from above which can kill you. Hence, you need to remain safe and move away from that area.
  • As you land, you’ll see a lot of buildings or open spaces. You need to get inside them and start collecting things such as armour, bandages, guns such as assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and snipers, first aid kits, bullets, different attachments which your gun needs such as Extended mag, tact vector, etc. You can also find different scopes such as 2X,3X,4X,6X,8X which lets you aim for longer distances so as to kill your opponents easily.
  • For shorter distances, Holographic sights and red dot sight are available for proper aiming. You must look for scopes as it can be really difficult to locate your enemy if they are far away from you. They can shoot you from a long distance if they have a scope. You will not even get to know from where the shooting is taking place if you do not have one.
  • When you kill a player, you can collect his/her supplies and use them. The number of players you kill is shown on the top.
  • You can also do voice chatting or text chatting with all the players or your team mates if you want to gather around or need some help. It is useful when you are playing in duo mode or in a group of four to communicate with your teammates.
  • You can warn them if you see any enemy around them, if they are moving outside the safe zone, ask to search for vehicles or help them. If you are knocked out and not completely killed, your teammates can revive you till a specific time period, you’ll be alive again with very less health.
  • You can increase your health using your supplies and play normally again. That’s how it goes. Keep  fighting until you or your squad is the last one remaining!



As per my opinion, PUBG is really an addictive game with few fixes needed. Let’s talk about the things which we like about it:

  • Teaming up with your friends can really be an enjoyable experience. You can enjoy playing it by teaming up with your friends and coordinate your gameplay using voice chat. It is a fun experience as you get to play in different modes and it also brings in a desire to get a 1st ranking.
  • HD audio and High Quality graphics
  • You get an Amazing visual experience with minor details,
  • Realistic game play effects with a Huge HD map for battle
  • 3D sound effects
  • You can shop for clothes and different accessories. Your player looks good and you feel good about it. You can enhance your look as you go on to higher levels and earn coins. However, it doesn’t affect your gameplay and is just for aesthetics.
  • There are different modes available to enjoy different experiences. Under classic, Erangel mode, you get to play in more of a closed area with lots of buildings to loot whereas in case of Miramar mode, it is more of an open area. There is an Arcade mode as well wherein there are three options to choose from: War mode, mini zone and quick game play. In war mode, you jump with weapons already equipped and it is a small area where you need to fight. You can be infinitely respond in this mode. In mini zone, there are a lot players in a small area. In the quick mode, a 8 minute match takes place.

However there are things which need minor fixes

  • The game sometimes lags i.e. doesn’t work properly or it starts hanging. This generally happens when a lot of players jump at the same spot or the internet connection is weak. Hence, it requires a strong internet connection for a smooth game play.
  • Sometimes, offensive conversations take place using voice chatting. However, you can turn it off if you don’t like it or do not want to indulge in it. It doesn’t happen every time. You can switch to team channel to chat with your teammates only and not everyone.
  • You get to hear your own footprint’s voice as you move around a house which sounds irritating sometimes. One can also get confused about whether the footprint’s voice is our own or the enemy’s footprint’s voice. As per my opinion, we should only hear our enemy’s footprint voice.

It is indeed a stress buster and vanishes away all your tiredness bringing in more and more energy every time! It can even enhance your concentration skills. Overall, it is an amazing and enjoyable experience. You must play it once to have a unique experience.


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