Cool Websites to Check When You Are Bored

cool websites to check when bored

There are certain bad and slow days when you wonder what is the purpose of your life. It may make you not just depress, but also lazy. But there is no need to go so deep and upset yourself, rather just do any of these things and be happy. Here are some things I prefer to do on a slow and boring day on the internet. Beside nothing will cost you a cent, and worth to try. then let’s check some really cool websites.

1. Read Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo answers is an online portal where anyone can ask a question. The answer can also be given by anyone.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers

Warning: Some answers may shock you so much that you might never stop laughing.

2. Go to Buzzfeed:


Buzzfeed is a popular cross platform online website for news and entertainment. Buzzfeed lists are really hilarious and informative. There is also a buzzfeed app which can be downloaded from here (android) and here (iOS)

3. Watch Youtube Movies:

YouTube has many movies for free of charge. These range from English to Hindi to Japanese and so on. There are many movies I have watched and my favorite one is “My Fake Fiance”

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is your virtual board where you can pin anything you like. From DIYs, hairstyles, recipes to bedroom ideas, organisation tips, hacks and more. You can make your own image list by pinning random images in online. If you are on Chrome in Windows ,then use this extension. If you are not interested to pin, just want to check out already pinned items,then simply head to pinterest, make an account there and start browsing. Make sure to read this whole article before navigating there as it’s really addictive.


5. Go Through Your Twitter Highlights:

Catch up! Go through your twitter highlights. Read really really old embarrassing tweets of your nemesis. Because, honestly, old tweets are always hilarious.

6. Watch K Dramas:

K stands for Korean. Don’t restrict yourself to just english shows. Expand your horizons and see korean drama. Each drama has a well written plot that is played over twenty or so episodes, each episode airs for over 45 minutes. Some popular K drama are “It’s Okay, It’s love”, “boys over flowers”, “king 2 hearts”.

7. Read Harry Potter FanFiction:

If you are a Harry Potter fan, please go and read harry potter fan fiction where Hermione and Harry can have each other or whatever your ship is. These fan fictions are really a piece of art. So well written. For those who aren’t Harry potter fans can read other fan fictions. Most of the fan fictions are written on ao3 or fanfiction or wattpad or livejournal.

8. Play Online Games:

There are many online games that you can play for free of charge. My favourite game is gold miner. You can find them either in Playstore or iTunes or by Googling.

9. Read The Awkward Moment @awkwardposts Tweets on Twitter:

These tweets are really hilarious and SO TRUE. I just love them because of its reality and sarcasm and humour. Some other accounts that tweet such things are @sooAwkwardposts and @TheWeirdWorld .

Twitter awkward posts

Twitter awkward posts

10. Do Some Online Shopping:

Just go to amazon or ebay or whichever e-commerce website you prefer and search for anything you would like to have or wish to buy.

11. Search and Discover Recipes:

Browse recipes you may want to make right now or in the near future. I keep on searching the oreo cookie ice cream sandwich and khaw sued. There are websites like allmyrecipes and BBC food where you can get a lot of recipes. Apps like pinterest and instagram have a lot of recipes too like mug cakes and home made jams.


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