What is Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Formerly known as SkyDrive Pro, OneDrive for Business is an online storage facility for companies that helps the employees in optimizing productivity, having quick file sharing and collaborating simultaneously. Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most popular and best performing cloud storages available these days.  OneDrive for Business (not to be confused with OneDrive) is specifically designed for corporate clients and provides them with an extremely secure mode for storing and sharing data. As the data is stored in the cloud, users are provided with mobility and flexibility, enabling them to work, review and collaborate on projects even from the comfort of their home. Besides the usual cloud subscription model where users sync data to their account and can access it from anywhere in the world. OneDrive for Business also provides physical storage medium that can be placed within the company’s premises.

Amazing Features

There is much more to OneDrive for Business, and the full benefits are truly realised only by those who actually use it. We’ve put together a brief rundown on some of the most impressive features of Microsoft OneDrive for Business in the following lines.

Unparalleled Mobile Experience

The recent updates of Microsoft OneDrive for Business have specifically focused on enhancing the productivity of mobile users. These new features have translated into bringing about immense benefits for both Android and iOS users. Users can easily select documents, view them offline and make edits, which will be later synced once they’re connected to the Internet. The interaction with documents offered to mobile users was not that powerful previously, but now just at the tap of a single finger presents a wide array of options for the users to choose from. The addition of such neat features means users are no longer required to be dependent on their desktop/ laptop to be able to carry out important work, but they can be as productive (perhaps even more) with their smartphone or tablet.

This is not just it. Users can add annotations to PDFs from their smartphone and even draw, highlight as well as add comments. These features come in handy when you require input/ clarification from someone on an item when they aren’t around.

Advanced Sharing Options

OneDrive for Business gives you more control over file sharing than ever before. While you could have always shared documents directly from OneDrive for Business to any external party, now you have more flexibility over the terms and conditions of file sharing. These include adding an expiry date for all shared links after which the concerned person would no longer be able to access it, as well as adding up specific permissions for users with whom the links can be further shared.

To ensure security of documents and prevent any unauthorized access, IT administrators can oversee sharing of documents. This is one of the other latest features introduced by Microsoft OneDrive for Business that helps to limit the number of files to be shared per user. Another extremely helpful option is allows the company to set specific persons with whom files can/ cannot be shared. This is a huge element in safeguarding official documents.

Choose What You Sync

If you are running low on physical storage space on your computer, using the selective sync facility provided by OneDrive for Business aids you manage the situation by only syncing particular files to your computer which are absolutely necessary.

Administer Free Storage Left

Even though OneDrive for Business offers each user up to 1TB of cloud storage space you can still know in advance if you are on the verge of running out of your allocated quota. You can do this by signing into Office 365 as an admin. Once you have signed in you can view the storage metrics to get in depth statistical presentation of the total space allocated to you, the amount you have utilized and the free storage remaining. This way you get to know beforehand if you are about to exhaust your storage space to take appropriate measures.

Version Control

Version control is an integral tool often used in project collaboration scenarios, which allows you to see who made changes to a file, when the changes were made and how the file was changed. This presents you with a systematic record and eases the process of collaborations.


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