What is Facebook Marketplace and Its Review

facebook marketplace

Facebook is a popular social media website where people share their life events with their friends. Marketplace is a platform where you can buy and sell products. Facebook recently combined both these platforms together and made their own marketplace, which is known as Facebook Marketplace in which people can sell products within the social network. 

What is Facebook marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is a very convenient way for selling and buying of different products in your area. It can be any item from cars, clothes or even real estate. You can sell both old and new products. Depending on your local area, you can check the list displayed to you and proceed further. It’s easy to connect with others and you can even have a look at the products in person before purchasing it. You can select the location where you would like to buy and can search in a particular category according to the item you want to buy.


It is easy to purchase any item according to your preferences. Enter the location you want to buy from and search in the preferred category for convenience.


You can sell any old/new item on Facebook marketplace. Upload clear pictures of the item and give a brief description. If you are selling an used item, you must upload enough pictures so as to let the buyers know about its present condition. Do mention why you are selling the product and its honest description. If you have any certificates, receipts or original package, it will boost your customer’s confidence and they will feel secured.

Why Should Businesses Adapt to Social Media?


Easy communication

You can easily communicate with the seller through Messenger and try to negotiate the price if you want. Any question regarding the product can be asked. If you have any doubts regarding the product, you can easily clear them by discussing it with the seller. You can even decide a location according to your convenience where you both can meet and discuss regarding it.

Easily connect with interested buyers in your area

It is easy to connect with interested buyers in your area if you are willing to sell an item.

Customer satisfaction

You can meet the seller in person if you want to check the product’s quality and then finalise your decision. The customer is fully satisfied this way. However, you must select a location which is crowded like a coffee shop so as to ensure safety.


There are variety of items available to buy. There are different categories under which item of your choice can be easily found. The different categories available are Housing, home and garden, clothing and accessories, entertainment, family,electronics,hobbies, vehicles and classifieds.

Safe Communication

Whatever is shared by you is in your hands. You must share information publicly wisely. You get to decide what amount of information you want to share publicly. Do not share any personal details and bank details. If you find any issue relating to the buyer or the item listed such as violating community standards, scams or wrong behaviour , you can easily report it to Facebook. The report link is provided on the merchant’s profile or on the item page itself.

How to Get Started?

Facebook Marketplace OptionYou do not need to download any separate application to access this feature. It is accessible on Facebook app,desktops and tablets as well. You just need to look for option at the top corner both in case of android and iOS. In case your using a web browser, you can tap on the same option available on the left side of the Facebook  page.

Rules and Regulations

There’s a Facebook commerce policy laid down which must be considered while using Facebook marketplace.Sale of Illegal,  recreational or prescription drugs. Tobacco products and related paraphernalia, Unsafe supplements, Weapons, ammunition or explosives, Animal.,Adult items or services;Alcohol;Adult health items;Real money gambling services;Goods, fraudulent items, misleading, deceptive or offensive;Items or products with overtly sexualised positioning;Subscriptions, digital products or posts without any intent to sell items, products or services on Marketplace;Products encouraging unauthorised access to digital media is banned.  Merchants and sellers are supposed to comply with the rules and regulations.


You need to be 18 years of age or above for buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace on Mobile

Where is it available?

Marketplace is available to everyone fulfilling the eligibility criteria  in Argentina, Austria, Australia Belgium, Bulgaria,Belize, Canada,Costa Rica, Chile, Croatia,Czech Republic, Cyprus,, Ecuador, Denmark, Estonia,, Finland,Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hungary,Greece,, India,Italy, Ireland,Latvia, Lithuania,Malta, Luxembourg,, Mexico,, New Zealand, Norway, Poland,Netherlands Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania,Puerto Rico,,, Slovenia, South Africa,,Singapore Sweden, Spain Switzerland, United Kingdom,Thailand,, United States and Uruguay. This is the link to access it directly: www.facebook.com/marketplace.

Review of Facebook Marketplace

As per my opinion, Facebook has taken a smart decision by introducing this feature. Facebook already has around 2 billion users which already provides it a customer base. Looking at the benefits mentioned above, it is indeed a great platform for buying and selling. It is giving a great competition to already existing such platforms such as eBay. It is convenient to use as you do not need any other application to access it and a lot of people already use Facebook. However, one must check all the information properly before proceeding with the payment process. There are possibilities of scams as well. You must cross check with the guidelines mentioned by the Facebookcommerce policy. The item listed must not violate the rules and regulations on any way. If you are the seller, you must not ship the product before receiving full payment. Proper communication should be facilitated and things should be stated clearly. Payment option which provides purchase protection to the seller should be used and the buyer should choose a payment option that provides buyer protection. Sometimes, the price mentioned is too low. There can be a good reason behind this such as quality. Hence, buyers must be beware of such things.


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