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This is almost like a dream. How on earth can one even undo a sent email?! This discovery is going to be life changing for you surely.  Imagine you are venting out your frustration about your parents in an email to your friend. As you hit on send and glance at the screen you see…

Successfully Sent to: Mom

Pretty scary ah?. Yes, I know, we all have been through it. but do not worry. We can prevent such complicated problems by a simple change in the settings in our Gmail account.  Unfortunately, Undo works only for a first few seconds only, also It doesn’t work after the person received the mail, meaning that one has only a couple of seconds to decide whether he or she wants to undo it or not, after the undo notification disappeared, it’s not possible to undo it, as it is instantly sent to the recipient. To enable Undo Sending email on Gmail you have to first enable the options on your browser.

Following The Steps Below:

  1. Go to Gmail  ( Open gmail on your browser or click here. )gmail open browser chrome
  2. On the top right corner, click the settings icon (It represents in a cogwheel)settings icon
  3. When clicking on it, it will open a drop down menu where locate the “Settings” option, and click to access it.
    settings, gmail
  4. Inside you will find a ‘undo sending’ section. Click on “Enable Undo Send”, Then in the “Send Cancellation Period” set the amount of time you want the undo notification to appear. (for example 20 seconds, so within this period a sent message can be cancelled, and thus the recipient won’t receive it.)gmail undo settings
  5. Click on the “Save Changes”  button to make the changes to take effect.  (it’s on the bottom of the panel)save changes gmail

By doing so next time when you send a message, it will say “your message has been sent” and an option appears next to it saying undo. Select undo to unsend. This is really helpful when you have added the wrong receipts or just remembered to add something to the email. However it is not much beneficial as only a few seconds are given to undo a message.

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