How to purchase and configure a domain name

How to Purchase and Configure a Domain Name

With the advent of the international address system of domain names which is also known as the domain name system (DNS), one needs to have a domain name to provide effectiveness to the website because without the domain name the Internet scheme of addressing is not very efficacious. One can make their website’s presence felt if one makes this type of a short, easy to remember, domain name because this can create a huge deal of difference and pave a way towards successful presence of the website in the internet and prevent from getting lost in the cyberspace.

Above all it also provides a lot of credibility to any small firm or business. For any individual who wants to start up or have a presence on the internet or any other business, organisation needs to invest in a domain name to have an Unique Identity on the web. It provides a very professional look the website and is used to identify more than one internet protocol addresses. This domain names are basically used in the URL to identify any specific pages on the website. There are many types of domain switches available like top level domains, CCTLD or Country Code Top-level Domains, generic top level domains, second level,third level and subdomains.

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To purchase and configure a domain name one can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • One can use the website of Godaddy for the purpose of purchasing and configuring a domain name. Web hosting and purchasing of domain names are facilitated very well  by Godaddy and hence one can make use of it. Godaddy is the largest platform which has grown greatly in number of domain name registration, web hosting and web security. Along with Godaddy, one can access two-way types of security system and it provides an extremely reliable hosting and also a huge amount of privacy is ensured. Godaddy is the most used and trusted services for registering domain and website hosting.

So one can use this in the following ways to go about purchasing and configuring a domain name.

  • One has to go and visit the homepage in
  • One has to start with the search of the domain name. So one can start their search by typing their preferable name in the domain search box; for example: and then click on ‘GO’ button. Now if the name is available then what can just click on that and it may be added to cart. There may be choices open after clicking on ‘Add’ as to one wants to purchase ‘domain only’ or a ‘privacy protection’ or ‘privacy and business protection’ both and according to the needs of the user one can opt for the privacy protection or only domain name, whatsoever the case may be.
  • Now one has to click on add. Then one has to scroll and click on Continue to checkout on which another page opens  asking some other options. On this page the website is gonna ask the user whether they want to create a host to their website or add email to their domain. So one can click on no thanks because currently one is not going to choose their web hosting or at the email to the website or URL.
  • The website now asks the user to upgrade the current website to a certain level of subscription. The website offers a default term of 2 years for purchasing the domain name. If one wants to increase the term then one can do it for upto 3 years 5 years or 10 years. One has already purchased .com for the website but there will be other matching domains available like or .org and so on and one can just add them and buy them all at once. So it can be customised according to the needs of the user.
  • After having chosen and customised all these options one has to click on proceed to checkout.
  • If user is a new customer then he has to go and click on continue on the new customers tab or if one is returning customer then can and has already got an account in Godaddy can just feel in the username and password of the returning customers tab and sign in.
  • The new customer has to fill up the billing information by filling up their name company name email address and so on.
  • After having filled all the information one can go to the next page where their preferred payment method shall be filled and one now has to click on place your order.
  • This is actually how one has placed one’s order and the order details on the account information appears on the screen and one is done with purchasing a domain name for a website.

Now if one wants to configure the domain name then we can follow the instructions below:-

  • One has to first login to their Godaddy account.
  • After having logged in there has to click on domains and then click on manage
  • Then click on use my domain under the domain name one wants to set up. Since one has already set up a domain name in the previous few steps one can leave it as it is or if one wants to edit its settings then click on manage domain.
  • One may now click on build a new website and then connect to an existing website or set up professional email under the desired option which is available below.
  • Among three options if one wants to build a new website, then one can just set up the website.
  • If one wants to connect to their existing site then we could just forward a domain.

If one wants to set up a professional email then one has to have an email account that they want to be set up with the domain they are using and click on get started to set up their website. It is also possible that one does not have any email account but wants one then they can also purchase in setup the email for their domain name.


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