How to Make Money Online?

How to make money online?

Money is an important aspect of our lives. Earning money has to be our priority some or the other day. Most of us find jobs after graduation and start working. You work really hard from day to evening and in all this hustle, are unable to spend time with our loved ones. To avoid this, we can even choose to make money online! It is no different from your normal jobs. You can earn money here as well!  We generally tend to find ways to find something to fulfil our needs online so as to avoid travelling and fixed work hours. We can definitely utilise our precious time earning money online with a little effort and time. It is quite obvious nothing comes easy. You will have to work hard for the same as well.

The famous celebrities or maybe youtubers you see online were initially nothing and maybe were wondering what to do sitting at their homes just like you. Who knows that the next star maybe you? You just need the passion to succeed!  


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Ways to Make Money Online

Online Freelancing Vs. Traditional Jobs

Here are few of the ways how you can make money online:


Blogging is really trending these days in order to make money and out of passion as well. Your passion or interests can help you in fetching some money as well. When you start creating some really good and unique content which is appealing to the general public, you’ll start  gaining a wide reach. This won’t happen initially. Patience is the key to reach such a stage. Many will even underestimate you but if you keep on trying with the same zeal, success won’t be too far. A lot of known brands start approaching you for the promotion of their products or even services which is paid. Affiliate marketing is among such common practices as well.

Various Online courses

If you master some skill and want to make money through it, you can start providing online courses for the same such as teaching or cooking through live videos, IT related courses and many more. This will prove to be a useful application of your  knowledge along with making some money. When people start approaching you and you provide a good service, they’ll recommend it to others as well with a good feedback which will help in gaining wider reach and hence earning more money.

Paid To  Click Sites

Advertisers post their advertisements on PTC sites. They provide us a platform to earn money  just by viewing their advertisements. However,one should be beware of fraudulent and risky sites and use trusted ones. So, it’ll let you earn easily and quickly as well simply by viewing their advertisements.


Internships help you in gaining practical knowledge. Apply for internships according to your interest area under “Work From Home” category. They are usually for 1 to even 6 months depending on the company.There are various platforms through which applications  for the same can be made such as Internshala, Let’s Intern, etc. There are paid as well as unpaid internships. You can choose to apply for the paid ones. A small amount of stipend is given along with other benefits such as certificate, flexible hours, etc. It is a very useful  way of making money online.

Selling unused items

Apps such as OLX or Quickr allows you to sell used stuff online. You just need to  upload some good pictures and then customers can approach you through the same. It will help you in fetching some money rather than throwing them away or not using them.


If you are not a job kinda person and want to start your own business, it’s a great way to earn money as well. Once, your business is settled and you start gaining reach, you can earn a lot. You can start with creating your own website or maybe a Facebook Page. Share  your startup idea and start sharing it with your friends or relatives so that people get to know about it. The entrepreneur in YOU can actually help you in making money online.


If you love creating content and videos, you can start a YouTube Channel. Once, people start liking your content and you gain enough subscribers and views, you can get a lot of benefits including money. The interest of people will depend on the type of content you provide. It will not feel as a burden and you’ll love to do such a job! But, similar to blogging, nothing comes easy. Patience is the key. It’ll take some time to settle. Once, you become popular, success is not so far away!

Social Media

Social Media Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc have indeed influenced our lives. Almost, everyone uses it. After gaining a lot of followers and fan base, you can even sell your page and earn money. Sponsored posts can be one of the source of income. As mentioned earlier, everything takes time and patience. You must be passionate enough and try to  engage the audience through your content. You can really become popular amongst others and start earning online. Social media has the power to influence and indeed is a huge platform to express yourself and showcase your talent. Content is created in various fields such as comedy, travel, fashion, entertainment, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing includes promotion of products you like and earning a commission by earning profit through recommending it to others. In brief, the product is promoted through marketing and profits are shared. It is a good source for earning online.

Hence, depending on your area of interests, you must make a smart and wise choice. You should also keep in mind the current market trends to remain aware. Not everyone who is an engineer or doctor can make huge profits. Jobs that make you happy and you love doing them will fetch you more money than working under someone and remain stressed.

It all depends on YOU! Being an engineer or doctor can also be your passion. All that matters is your personality and skill set. You must choose the right platform keeping everything in mind!



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