How to Keep Your Cables Safe and Organized


Unfortunately not everything in this world can be wireless. Nowadays there are billions of wires which carry out various tasks in this world. Improperly installed wires are not just harmful to the people who wander around, but also to the expensive hardware equipments that the wires are attached to, and thus it’s crucial to keep the wires safe and organized. Beside an organized atmosphere makes people happy, and active which are quite necessary for having better productivity. So here are some ways to organise and protect the wires which we use in our daily lives.

How to Protect Your Mobile Charging Cable?

We all have gone through problems of replacing our charging cables because they get torn easily at the ends. Buying a new original cable is not always convenient, as they need to be in the correct size and voltage and should work on our phone, otherwise the phone will probably have the same fate as the previous charger, not to mention original chargers can be quite expensive and may hard to find depending on where you live. So that is why it is always better to prevent than cure. Here are a few ways to protect your cable If you have been looking for any suggestions.

Use Cable Protector
Cable protectors are very cheap and a couple of them cost about 150 rupees or so. It secures itself at the end of the cables so no wear and tear appears over time.

Using Rubber Bands 
For this, you need a thick piece of plastic role or a sellotape and a thick rubber band. Take the plastic roll and cut a small piece of it and roll it around the end of the cable where the tear might appear. Hold it in place and then start fastening the rubber band around it till it is really tight and secured, make sure it doesn’t move as well .

If you do not have a plastic piece then just take your sellotape and roll it around the tear or the vulnerable part on the cable till it is a little thick, then fasten the rubber band around it. You can also use a duct tape but do not use a scotch tape as it tears away easily.

Tip: By using rubber bands you can also colour code your wires.

How to Protect Your Earphones 

There was a time when we used to get good quality earphones with a mobile phone. But alas, those times have now gone and unless you have wireless earphones, you need to cherish your earphones, so they may last longer than  when they are not cared properly. To do this, first make a fist and then just hold out your index finger, thumb and last finger to make a rock sign. Then hold the earbuds between the thumb and the index finger. Start coiling the wire around your index and last finger in a zigzag manner. When only about 3 inches is left, start coiling the  remaining wire around the already coiled wire and the tuck it in. This not only does preserve your earphones but also protect it from getting caught in your drawers.

To use the earphones hold the ear plugs between two fingers and untuck  the jack and pull the wire away with the other hand. Really simple.

(43 seconds long , roughly 5MB small)

How to Organise Wires

To organise other wires like laptop chargers, telephone wires, internet wire, etc. you can use tools like Velcro, cable zips and threads or ribbons or even a paper clip. It is advisable to use Velcro for laptop chargers. When it’s being used, it’s required to open and close them. To preserve the laptop chargers longer, coil it with a velcro tape until it gets thick like 1 to 2 inches. For Macbook chargers this is strongly recommended as it perfectly suits to the task.

velcro wrapper on a laptop charger

Use paper clips by opening it up and then wrapping the wire around it, likewise if there is a very long internet wire going to the router , just roll the excess and tie it up to make it last longer.  You can use same colour Velcro tapes or ribbon or rubber band to distinguish your wires from others in your house. This also prevents any mixing up with the other wires that are used by your family members.

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