How To Delete Chat In Telegram

How To Delete Chat In Telegram

Based mainly on super fast speed and seasoned with security, Telegram is that messaging app which is very famous for its simplicity and the app is absolutely free. One can easily install, register and use Telegram on all the devices. All the data and information or any other messages get synced seamlessly across the various phones or tablets or any other computers are macbooks.

The Telegram Messenger app was mainly launched in Russia and has posed to be Russia’s largest social networking methods. The encryption or other security experts of different organisations has come to the conclusion that Telegram is quite a safe and a secure messaging application. The basic requirement of using Telegram is to launch it. One can make use of the following link for launching the telegram app over their Android, iPhone or Windows respectively.

It has always been the case that one is even need of deleting the messages for various reasons. All the social media networks have been providing the delete option from day one and it has become an integral part of social media. Similarly Telegram has also come up with the feature of being able to delete messages and if one is in the need of deleting messages on Telegram may have to follow certain steps to do so.

After launching the app and using it for a while, it might arise that one is in the need of deleting the chats or any other messages or data on the telegram Messenger App. Once one has launched the telegram app and using it for a while and wants to delete the chat can follow the steps for these specific devices:

Delete chat/messages on the Telegram Messenger app on one’s iPhone device

  • One has to launch the telegram Messenger app and then go to the chat
  • The following step would be swiping on each chat and clicking on the delete button mostly in “Red” which pops up at the right side of the option.
  • An option will pop up at the bottom to confirm whether or not one wants to permanently delete those chats or messages.

This generally gives the user to options whether to keep the contact there and delete the chat history or delete the entire chat completely.

  • One should choose Clear History which will just remove the chat history but leave the contact wherever it is.

If one is looking for Deleting Multiple Telegram Chats at Once then one can follow these steps:

In the Chats Window, one has to tap Edit which is situated at the top left corner

  • On doing so one can see a red “-” circle button on the  left hand side of every chat.
  • One then has to click on Delete button.
  • There shall be two options open to the user will Delete the whole chat or just Clear History.
  • The same has to be repeated with the other chats and on completion one has to hit on the Done button at the top left corner

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How to delete chat/messages on the Telegram Messenger app on one’s Android device?

Assuming that the telegram app exists on the Android Phone or Tablet one has to follow the steps to delete chat on the Android app.

  • One has to first open the telegram app on the Android phone. One can easily identify the Android app of telegram by the blue icon within which there is a white paper aeroplane
  • One now has to select the chat that contains the message to be deleted. This definitely opens the contents of the chat and the window of the chat of the sender and receiver appears clearly on the screen.
  • If one wants to delete few messages can just tap and hold the message or messages they want to delete.
  • Tap or select the Trash Bin icon on the top right corner of the window. Upon doing so a popup message appears which has the confirmation as to whether or not the user is sure to delete the number of messages.
  • One then has to just press on Ok and the message is now removed from the chat window or conversation.

Clearing Chat History Might take time (upto 48 hours or so) because telegram stores its data in many servers and needs time to delete them all.

Deleting Already Sent Messages on Telegram

The latest version of Telegram comes with an added feature of deleting the already sent messages. This indicates that once if the user has send a message and does not want the receiver to receive it can actually delete the messages which are sent from both the sender and receiver. This method post to be very helpful for those people and users who has regretted sending messages and telegram comes with a feature to provide for the remedies for their mistake.

If one wants to avail then follow the steps to delete sent messages on telegram:-

  • Long press or tap and select the message that one wants to delete until it is displayed that the message has now been selected
  • The user has to now click on the icon of the Trash Bin on the lower left corner of the window.
  • This one has to select delete for me and xyz (the name of the receiver). This provides to ensure the user that the message has been deleted from the user of the sender and receiver.

It has to be however kept in mind that the messages can only be removed or deleted within 48 hours and it cannot be deleted later on.

It is also to be noted that the messages can only be deleted which the user is sending. One can never delete the messages the sender’s message being in the receiver’s position.

It also must be noted similar to the Telegram app on iPhone that in the Android app on Telegram, messages can only be deleted for up to 48 hours after the moment day had been sent.


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