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Still the usual method of buying smartphones is from a reputed carrier as the customers get better deals/offers, and affordable prices along with a SIM card to use the phone right away. However, it has been changing for a while due to the significant amount of benefits unlocked smartphones have over locked carrier based ones. This is mostly due to the less restrictive nature in them. With this in mind, a list of unlocked smartphones was compiled for the year 2017 that you can buy in Canada and any other country in western hemisphere. So, if you are interested to buy unlocked cell phones in Canada, it’s worth to check this list out.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

This high end mobile phone currently holds the crown of the Samsung Galaxy family as one of their flagship phones. Although it might make a small bump in your pocket, this purchase is completely worth due to the immense features the phone consists of. This android smartphone doesn’t only work fast but also looks so beautiful especially because of its curved screen. Holding this phone feels like a new generation to the mind. Purchase Now

Samsung S8+

samsung galaxy s8 specs

2. One Plus 5

Never let your phone get stuck. One plus five comes with an amazing inbuilt ram space, so that your phone can function very smoothly even when a load of apps were opened. Not to forget the fact that it has an amazing display and also a camera which can capture beautiful sceneries. The regular updates receive to the phone make it a good investment if looking for a mid range mobile phone at a cheap price. Purchase Now

One Plus 5


one plus 5

3. LG G6

This good dual SIM phone doesn’t only look good but also works very well without any lags or performance issues due to the beefy hardware it contains of. You can take beautiful pictures with its 13MP camera, preview them on the huge 5.7″ screen and save as many as you like! Because guess what? The memory is expandable up to a whopping 2TB which gives a plenty of space for storing 1000 hours worth movies. If I had so much space on my phone I won’t be deleting anything. Purchase Now



lgg6 specs

4. Sony Xperia XZ Premium dual

This 4k HDR display phone claims to be the first in the world of its kind. It is certainly an eye catcher and is made to look really good. The 5.5″ display is so beautiful it will take you to a world of its own. The camera is also by Sony and hence capturing really good looking crystal clear pictures. Purchase Now

Sony xperia XZ dual


Sony Xperia XZ Premium dual specs

5. iPhone 7

iPhone is needless to say the perfect phone for all of the Apple lovers. The iOS developed especially for the iPhone, and its market from where the apps can be bought and downloaded make a whole new atmosphere compared to the Android platform. It’s said iPhone is one of the pioneers in the touch screen world, and ever since its first release still it’s popular among masses due to the quality and amount of features it’s packed with. The latest of the iPhone series is iPhone 7. What makes iPhone seven better than its other models and Android phones? This light and small phone makes it so easy to carry around, plus it comes with the mighty A10 chip designed by apple along with the iOS 10.0.1 which is upgradeable to 10.3.3 for free of charge. Why choose an iPhone over Android? There is no real answer for this question as both are equally good except Apple products are notorious for being overly expensive, especially for middle class people. However, if you have been an Apple fanboy or a girl for some time, then obviously it’s worth to check this shiny flagship phone out. Besides, Apple gadgets work really well with each other without requiring any expert knowledge or third party software or items. So, If you have a Macbook or an iMac then using apple gadgets simplifies life a lot as It’s just a matter of plug and play. Purchase Now

iPhone 7


iPhone 7 specs

6. Honor 8 Pro

Ever since honor has started making its own chips, their phones have become really smooth and fast. The new processor embedded in the phone is known as Kirin, doesn’t even consume much battery power, and therefore you will never run out of battery, plus having a 4000mAh battery makes it more worthwhile. Honor 8 Pro comes in very beautiful blue colour which is certainly an eye catcher. So it does not only have the aesthetic look, but also the horsepower to provide a better user experience. Having said that, it is still a mid ranged phone not a flagship like the ones mentioned above, yet It has 12mp primary dual cameras from which you can take stunning pictures. The 6GB ram allows the phone to utilize multiple apps simultaneously without hindering the performance. Purchase Now

Honor 8 Pro


Honor 8 Pro specs


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