Are You in a Dilemma of Choosing Between a Laptop and a Smartphone?

laptop vs mobiles

The topic of “Laptop Vs Smart Phones” is the same as “Captain America Vs Iron Man” or “Batman Vs Superman”. Only one can win at the end, but just barely. Today most of the smart phones can do almost all the works that a laptop can do, yet laptops are not replaced. One can, however, replace them with phones, but it doesn’t mean it’s entirely replaceable. When I say laptop, what it means by is either laptop or a portable computer. Hereby, I compare a portable computer running Windows operating system with a cellphone running either Android or iOS.

Laptop vs Mobiles

Portability: Obviously, without a doubt we can state that mobile phones are the most portable. They are “mobile” for a reason. These phones weigh only a few hundred grams, whereas laptops usually weigh a few kilograms depending on its size and compactness.

Reliability: Data stored on the phone can easily be lost by mistake. On the other hand when its saved on the laptop it is less likely to get lost. People usually forget that they have important files on the phone while cleaning or formatting it.  However, the likelihood of anyone formatting their computer is lesser than formatting their phone. Plus the data on the laptop can easily be converted into the printed form. Even some air printers find it easier to connect a the laptop than a the phone.

Security: PC and Phones both use a pass code but it’s widely seen that people use patter locks or 4 digit number lock on their phones. This is easy to hack into, whereas laptops use letters and maybe a letter with numbers and special characters which are difficult to hack into as the complexity of the password is somewhat high as opposed to the usual pattern lock which is used in mobile phones.

Battery: This answer is very difficult for me to give. Nowadays most of the phones have a 3000 mAh battery. This lasts really long. Laptops also have a good battery, but it utilities it faster than phones as the power consumption of a laptop is somewhat higher than a phone due to the hardware in a laptop demand more power to operate.

Restrictions: Our phones have a lot of restrictions. We cannot download certain types of files. Or even view certain files. But in laptops such restrictions barely exist, and it also takes a few seconds to fix such restrictions if one is found. iOS has the most restrictions followed by Android – Windows phones, on the other hand, have very less restrictions though it’s still not good as much as laptops.

Higher amount of RAM: RAM is a very important thing to be considered when buying a phone or a laptop. A mid range laptop usually has around 4 GB of RAM. Phones have 1-3GB of RAM. But the new one plus has 6GB of RAM, though it’s a bit odd a phone to has a very large amount of RAM at the moment. Even though it’s expected phones to get a large amount of RAM in the future, at this moment it’s a good choice to pick a laptop for more memory.

Keyboard: Most or maybe all smart phones are touch phones. Therefore, we need to use our thumbs to type on them. If you need to do a lot of typing then you may get a thumb fracture, but, on the other hand, a keyboard can be used to make a lot of typing comfortably. However, A keyboard can be connected to a cell phone as well.

Screen size: Laptop screen sizes vary from 11, 13 to 15-16 inches, whereas phone screen sizes vary from 3 to 6 inches. So laptops are better for viewing movies and reading something in a comfortable way.

Softwares In markets: In the past, most of the software were first released for respectively Windows, OSx and Linux. If they were hit ,then the app version of them for mobiles was made. However, nowadays with the rise of the mobiles phones, more and more apps are developed specifically for mobile phones than desktop.

Primary use: Disregarding the popular theory that phones are meant to take selfies, their primary function of phones is still to call and text someone. This you cannot do in a laptop unless you are using internet.

Cameras: Phones have front and back cameras, whereas laptops generally come with a front camera with a poor quality unless it’s an expensive one.

Input readers: You can insert almost anything into your laptop. From CDs to USBs, but with mobiles, you can only insert micro USB and audio jack which may not even available in certain mobiles.

Gaming: Graphics on both phones and  laptops are beautiful. However, since laptops consist of relatively powerful hardware, the games, which are developed for laptops are more graphically gorgeous and advanced compared with their mobile counterpart.

Pricing: Again a very confusing matter. The cost of mobile phones range from 100 USD to 1000 USD depending on the brand and features, whereas  the cost of laptops range from 200 USD to 4000 USD. Very high end gaming laptops may cost even more as they consist of very powerful hardware which are capable of running high end games with maximum settings.

Life: Life of the device is very important to be considered. Usually mobile phones have maybe a year or two of asset life because of its quick advancement in the market and the battery life, on the other hand, laptops have hopefully at least 5 years of life in the market.

So if You are on a limited budget and have to choose between a smart phone and laptop, It would be a wise choice to go for a normal un-smart phone and a laptop. However it’s still up to you depending on your other requirements. Consider what your basic requirements are and what your budget is, then pick the most suitable device with the help of this article. I hope this article has somehow helped you in buying whatever you want to. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below and let us know what your choice would have been if you were in a dilemma of choosing between a laptop and a phone.


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