How to Keep Your Phone Battery Healthy?

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We use our phone almost all the time, for watching movies to listening to music and browsing Internet, likewise when it’s subjected to heavy usage the internal battery is more likely to be degraded, so even before the nighttime comes around, the battery is close to zero or already dead. This is a very frustrating moment, especially if we constantly use the phone for important things, and in moments like night parties, overtime or when hanging out outside. What can we do to overcome this problem to fix the battery? Usually people tend to put the phone to charge and go to sleep or use a backup phone while the main one is being charged, knowing when we wake up, it will be charged up to 100 percent and ready for another day for tough usage. Even though this method sounds ideal if it’s like a temporary problem, for a long term usage it may not that convenient. In that case, it’s better to look for a permanent solution with less hassle. Battery degrading is a serious problem, and is often overlooked by majority of people due to the lack of knowledge about it. So if you have just bought a new phone or are already using one, and are fear of the battery degrade, then use the following guide to prevent it. Additionally at end of the article, you can find a method to repair a degraded battery, it’s ideal if you are already suffering from a battery degrade.

How Can a Battery Degrade, and How to Prevent it?

It is inevitable for cellphone batteries to start degrading at some point in their life. The factors that affect the cell phone battery life and make the battery degrade faster than it is intended are as follows, and thus avoiding them results in a longer battery life.

1. Charge Cycles

Charge cycles are something which haunt everyone who knows about it. A phone battery has a very limited amount of charge cycles. These charge cycles mean the number of time battery can be charged, before it has completely been exhausted. When the limited number of use of these cycles are run out, the battery starts to degrade faster and at times the phones do not even turn on. Hence to prevent your battery from going dead, if possible stop unnecessarily using the phone, using apps that exhaust the battery, playing heavy games on cheap phones to preserve the battery life. However, if your battery is already at the edge of its death, then make sure to never charge it to 100 percent but keep it charged till 80 percent.

2. Charging to 100%

Charging to 100 percent should be avoided to keep the battery healthy. Experts say that the battery should be charged somewhere between 50 to 80 percent. It is better to charge the phone multiple times in a day than charging it once to 100 percent. This will keep the battery healthy and alive for sometime.

3. Heating

If heat is trapped inside the phone, especially in the back of it then cell oxidation can occur which will reduce the capacity of the battery and also shorten its life. To prevent heating, make sure you remove any phone case while charging. If the phone still gets heated due to quick or turbo charge then place the phone on the desk facing the front side to down so all the heat can escape from its back. Additionally, if it’s possible keep a table fan in front of the phone while it’s being charged, this is quite useful for turbo charging, and obviously don’t use the phone while it’s being charged as well.

4. Overnight Charging

While overnight charging doesn’t cause much degradation in the battery life, because all modern phones detect when the phone is 100% charged and stop accepting the current thereafter, it can still lead to degradation. Hence to keep your phone battery healthy, charge it from 50 to 80 percent only, and remove the cable once it’s reached 80%.

5. Using Bad Charging Accessories

Use of broken chargers or accessories which are not compatible with the phone causes major problems in the battery. So always make sure to buy genuine chargers. Certain chargers from iPhone and Samsung can be a bit expensive, and thus people tend to buy replicas made by some shady companies at a cheap price. However, this is a risky thing because it may lead to not only degrade the battery but also damage the whole phone. So spend a bit more and stick to genuine products to save the day.

In conclusion, battery life can be extended by using it properly. Charge it between 50 to 80 percent and use good quality original or certified accessories. This will prevent it from degrading faster.

What if the Battery is already Degraded Somewhat?

If the battery is already degraded to certain extent, simply use the following free app (Repair Battery Life Pro) to repair it. This may not useful for batteries which are completely dead, but if you experience the battery doesn’t last long like when it’s just bought, then using this app can increase its longevity.

Repair Battery Life PRO


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