NVIDIA Pascal GTX 1080 and GTX 1070

gtx 1080 reference card


Nvidia has always been quite famous for the high end graphic cards which are often used for video games, 3D modeling and rendering. Designing a graphic processor is an extremely complicated and a hard process which requires billions of worth of infrastructure, huge amount of capital and a talented team, but nvidia always proves that they can afford the resources to design top end graphic processors, which makes them at the top of the list in graphic processor designing industry.

There was a rumor about the nvidia’s next gpu (graphic processing unit) generation on internet and it had been floating around for some time. Nvidia made the rumor true by introducing their next generation graphic card to the public a couple of hours ago. The next generation graphic card series is known as Pascal. It is expected to be faster than the current superior graphic card – Nvidia Titan. The performance of the pascal is expected to be 3 times faster than Maxwell which is the previous generation of nvidia gpu. The Pascal’s architecture is the reason for the tremendous performance improvement in the next generation graphic cards.  At first nvidia only introduced the  GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, but the historical pattern of releasing graphic processors indicates that nvidia may release the mid range, and entry level graphic processors after releasing the nvidia’s flagship GTX 1080. If nvidia sticks to their old tradition, the mid range graphic cards should be GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 , and both of these cards are aimed for resolutions under 1080p, and for those who have a tight budget.

Other new features of this latest generation graphic card are  “TSMC’s 16nm FinFET manufacturing process” and “SLI HB bridge”.  Nvidia used to utilize 28nm architecture, but decided to switch to 16nm to increase the performance. The 16nm manufacturing process not only improves the performance, but also lowers the power consumption and the heat emission which make it quite suitable for  hard core gamers who plan to save their electricity bill. Since the manufacturing cost of 16nm processors is relatively low compared with 28nm processors, the consumer price of the next generation graphic cards is expected to be lower than when maxwell series graphic cards came right out of the hardware manufacturers.

In addition to the aforesaid features, the GTX 1080 consists of 8 GB GDDR5X video memory which has never been with any previous geforce gtx series. Even though certain nVidia Titan cards consist of large amount of video memory, the extremely high price tag made gamers to avoid it. But now gamers can enjoy high amount of vram which is quite suitable in very high resolution games and showing fine details of objects. GTX1070 will be priced at $379 ,and GTX1080 will cost $599.

The following screenshots show how GTX 1080 looks like. this is the official and the consumer version ,which is expected to release in may 27.






The official video which shows how cool the GTX 1080 looks.

The performance analysis

nvidia pascal chart performance

The basic specs of the GTX 1080




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