Jobs That Are Going To Be Replaced By AI

Jobs that will be replaced by AI

With the proposition or strategy of developing  intelligence that could fruitfully exhibit all complete any intellectual task just like that of a human being, the purpose of artificial intelligence was into the field of action. Also regarded as machine intelligence it is in sharp contrast a contradiction to that of the normal on natural intelligence which may be exhibited by humans and other animals. With the advent of artificial intelligence computer science has been able to emphasize on the creation of machines which are as intelligent as humans and also work and react like humans and as a result can be utilised for different purposes. Here computer simply behaves like humans possessing all the capabilities similar to the latter.

There exists a high probability in recent years that certain careers or fields of work shall be replacing humans and in turn involving robots or artificial intelligence for the purpose of automation and computerisation.

Impact Of Technology on the Insurance Industry

In the field of telemarketing.

The job of telemarketers are in the most likely without being replaced by artificial intelligence. One must have already been encountered with some robotic calls on various products or services. The telemarketing companies instead using robots for the growth and enrichment of the companies and hence in the recent years maybe by 2025 there will be a huge decline in the prospect of career or growth of career in the telemarketing niche. It is always seen that telephonic sales which are done directly have very less yield and very low opportunity of spreading the business or bringing about any prosper in marketing strategies and hence making this process automated by the use of artificial intelligence is highly probable.

The field of Receptionists.

The digit is observed that the traditional receptionist role is very limited and it can be easily achieved by automated phone calls or other scheduling systems which are already done in some of the organisations and Heels with the advent of modern technologies the companies would really be shot to search office wide phone systems and make the role of receptionist and scheduling automated. This in turn can bring a huge decline in the recruitment of receptionist in the recent future because their role of keeping a record of data or making a schedule of day to day business could be easily achieved by artificial intelligence nowadays and hence the likelihood the receptionist being replaced is high.

The job of Proofreading

Many individuals find their employment in just proofreading day to day documents and data analysis in different multinational companies but with the forthcoming artificial Intelligence and robots and some proofreading software which are flourishing widely over the internet, the multinational companies would definitely cut off on manual proofreading and resort to the means of softwares like Hubspot,Hemingway app, or just Microsoft’s grammar check  to proofread the data. The recent technologies which are coming out can be easily employed to self check the data of any individual, company, or organisations.

Bookkeeping Clerical Services

In the field of bookkeeping also which are employed in different organisations could be easily replaced by the different automated softwares. One can easily employee artificial intelligence techniques to keep a record of the books and the process is extremely fast and accuracy of the data is also maintained largely. In fact some of the softwares like QuickBooks, Microsoft office or FreshBooks are already in the internet which has capability of  accurately overcoming the job of bookkeeping and these softwares and their working are much more affordable for the companies and also allows the multinational companies to cut off on the expenses of a person’s salary who are employed in bookkeeping.

The courier services

The courier services which employee delivery people are already been replaced by artificial intelligence drones and robots then employed some salaried person for the services. So within few days this Manish of courier services will also be dominated by the automated artificial intelligence process. This in turn will help the companies to flourish because services is much faster than conventional methods and hence there is an immense likelihood of courier personnel to be replaced lately.

Market research Analyst

Images error of internet marketing or web marketing the market research analyst play a very integral role for the development in the different processes like creating content engaging with customers via messaging or email product descriptions and so on but the automated Artificial Intelligence and the different sarees heels can now transform the entire process of this information and can compile it more effectively. Growth bot is an already used robot which can carry out the market research projects and jobs easily and can also conduct and give fruitful results on the research of the businesses going on nearby and compare it with the competitors by the application of just a simple slack command.

Data Entry Clerks

The data entry clerk who are rendered with huge amount of data generated by different multinational company or any other individuals firm has the probability of replacement. All the Jitendra clerks need to do in their day to day schedule is to transfer data from given format to the other and compile it in a single place proofread the typos and so on and the idea that the company has to pee hourly wage to human for doing so are now coming to stop because the artificial intelligence techniques are employed in doing so in a very simple method.

Retail Salesman

If one notices nowadays on visiting any sort of  dealership or furniture stores or malls there is hardly any individual who is ready to assist the visitors from beginning to the end. This is all because companies are changing the experience of shopping. With Internet facilities there are also features of self checkout on the e-shopping websites because nowadays all the buyers and mostly tech-savvy and more likely to shop from the comforts of home on the Internet and make a decision to buy by getting enlightened about the specifications available on the description of the different items. Hence this niche of salesperson are readily decreasing because of the softwares and artificial intelligence.


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