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Sites to Sell Online

We often see people who get bored of using the same products regularly as its utility starts decreasing or even individuals who have clothes which they don’t use and are not yet ready to throw them away. Selling them is the most appropriate solution. There are a lot of applications or online selling sites which provide a platform for the same. Nowadays, selling old or used products is just a few clicks away. These products might not be of use to the individual selling them online but might be useful for other users!  It is easy to turn those products into cash. A stable internet connection and a reliable platform  or online selling site is all that you need.  Here’s a brief description of the Best Online Selling Websites  available for the same


OLX is a very famous online classified marketplace which allows people to buy and sell in their local region. It is easy to connect to nearby buyers. Every user is registered and logging in anonymously is not allowed. Anything can be sold from cars to books. The seller just needs to snap a picture of what he/she needs to sell and post it via the application which will then automatically classify the product into the right category and title the ad. The buyers can contact the seller through chatting on the application itself. The contact details are revealed only if the seller wants to share his/her number.


eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces which makes selling online easier. Buyers and sellers can interact with one another at one place. The seller has the option of accepting only bids for the product or provide ‘Buy it now’ option according to the price fixed by the seller. Hence, online bidding takes place which is similar to auction type listing. The seller decides the starting price of the bid. Interested buyers make bids and the one with the highest bid wins when the listing ends. If someone wants the item without negotiating and wants to purchase it right away, ‘buy it now’ option can be used. So, it’s an easy and a fun way as well to sell items.


Coutloot let users sell almost everything ranging from used clothes to smartphones locally. New as well as old items can be sold easily in a few clicks. Similar to above applications, the product’s picture needs to be uploaded and chatting can be done with buyers to let them decide the best deal. The most useful feature offered is that the product is collected from the buyer’s doorstep and quality check is done. Packaging and delivery is also taken care by them. The user can also put their closets on sale and offer discounts to the buyers to attract them easily. The image recognition feature recognises the item and auto fills the item’s name. The products can be listed for free!


Locanto is a free classified marketplace where users can post advertisements for selling used stuff locally. One can also look for offers and opportunities in the classified ads under Community, Personals, Pets, Services and Buy and Sell categories. The nationwide search allows users to travel throughout the country through their PC’s to take benefit of the free opportunities that they want, where they want, in all categories. Posting a classified ad  is very easy and works in the similar way as the ones posted in newspapers. The ads are featured for the time period users want so as to reach a wider audience. It offers great features because one can use HTML codes, post pictures and put a link to their website in their ad.


Quikr is yet another popular online marketplace which connects nearby buyers and sellers. It is super easy to post advertisements via tha application. Any advertisement relating to real estate,jobs, home services, electronics, home and lifestyle and many more can be posted. This eliminates the cost of getting it published in a newspaper. The criteria of posting a picture and mentioning the relevant details remain the same.


Indiamart is a huge platform for sellers, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to connect across the globe so as to widen their reach. It is easy to sell to interested buyers. Buy leads and enquiry notifications are received instantly by the sellers. Negotiations for the deal can be done over the app. It has also been awarded with the Best Business App award 2017.


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