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The Poverty I’ve Witnessed

poverty in india
poverty in india
Red fort . Agra. India. by Paula Rey ,Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

We all are very busy in our own lives. We wake up, go to work, come back and do some more work, spend some quality time with our friends/families/internet/computers/mobiles and then go back to sleep. There are very few who actually take a moment to look around out of their busy lives. What you see around isn’t always pleasant.

Today was one of those days for me. I was busy with my cellphone, living in my own happy world. Then I looked up and opened my eyes. The maid who comes to my house to wash the clothes is 50+ years old woman. 50+ isn’t really old to do work, but for her it is as she has some problems in her spine which prevents her from bending and gives her a lot of pain. She looked like size 10 and must hardly weigh anything. Today I found out why does she do this job. She and her husband earn for their family. Her youngest son also is in Mumbai currently searching for a work. Her oldest child is in their village and married. His wife has some sickness and they need money to take care of her. Her daughter is already married. So both she and her husband, who are senior citizens, work in Mumbai doing labour works and other small jobs to give a better life to their entire family, who are currently having a miserable life.

Moments like these make me realize how blessed we are. Having a healthy and a comfortable life in air conditioned rooms with good food and better support. But moments like these make me feel really guilty, because in reality I have done nothing (as I am aware of) to earn this life, except be born in it.

Recently, I found out through the grapevine that my old babysitter has turned into prostitution to earn some money. She used to live with her husband and three sons, but all her sons left her one by one. Her husband had turned into an alcoholic as soon as they were married. She is where she is now just because she got involved with the wrong people without thinking about her future.

Poverty is an evil because it is implicated on persons based on their birth and therefore they should be helped at least until they could stand on their own foot. However, someone told me that don’t help people by giving them fishes to eat, but help them by teaching them how to catch fishes as it will teach the person  to be self dependent. Surely we all must have made some donations, if not a lot at least few bucks to the beggars on the streets. Giving them some money from our vast fortune not just helps us to feel good about ourselves, but also contributes to eradicate the poverty altogether from this world. However most of beggars would use that money till it’s over and return to the begging instead of doing something to get out of that life. So, we should help them by giving them some minor jobs and making them stand on their own feet. Making them independent on their own skill rather than the moneys of others. It would take a lot of time, investment, effort and patience, but all the efforts are worth if it can be done properly with a better long term plan. Hopefully in someday the number of people below the poverty line becomes zero.

If you want to help my poor old maid, give us a message in here, then we will let you know how you can help them. Moreover , you can support us in Patreon by donating how much ever you can, as a small percentage of it will go for charity to  help the poor and hopefully someday eliminate the poverty.


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Nice article ! I am used to look around and always feel bad about it.
In fact there is the same situation with my maid. Her age is 60 i think, and his one and only son died in accident and her son had 3 children and the maid is actually earning for making their life.
Although she is not able to perform her duties well because of her age, I still insist my family to allow her to work for us.

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