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UPDATED : May 22, 2016

The problem is now completely fixed.


Please note that recently we had a bit issue with another web hosting service who mapped my old web host with a random hacking group’s domain and therefore you might see our website’s contents under their domain in Google Search for some time. I contacted both hacking group and the aforesaid web hosting to fix this issue, though the hacking group fixed it from their site, aforesaid web hosting has yet to fix it from their end. I asked the aforesaid web hosting to remove my files from their server as I used to host with them, but they have yet to remove my files. It has been like few days but they didn’t take any action for my issue, so you might encounter some of our old articles, we had in the old server, in the Google search under the hacking group’s domain, but this doesn’t affect to the newer articles we produced after moving to the new host. If you ever found them in Google, please make sure you visit not another website. we don’t have any other domain , only ADMINS


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