Ninetendo DS Lite Review

nintendo DS lite

large_nintendo_ds_lite_3d_model_a24791f3-d9de-4fbf-b484-da0695c8b844Not so long ago on my sister’s birthday she received a Nintendo DS lite from her friend. I used it for a couple of days so I can tell you guys about it.
Nintendo DS lite is a small gameboy on which you can play a lot of interactive and colourful games.
When closed it is the size of your phone only thicker. When open it looks like a notebook, and there are display screens on both sides. What I gathered from my playing experience is that there are two displays because at times they want to show us some options and yet not stop the interactivity we have with the device. So they load all the options on the top screen while we can still.interact with the bottom one or vice versa.
It has a small joystick which is really useful. On the right side are four letter keys and on left the arrow keys which allow us to move. Also there is start and select option on the bottom right. Behind the Gameboy on either side there are two more keys.
It uses small cartridges as input put into the nintendo to play the games.

Some of its highlights are:

  • DS Lite doesn’t just play DS games – it also features an additional port for Game Boy Advance Game Paks
  • Get up to 19 hours continuous gameplay on one charge
  • With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can connect wirelessly, chat with friends while you play and compete with Nintendo DS owners across the globe. All you need to play is a Nintendo DS and a Wi-Fi-ready game
  • Twin ultra bright LCD screens that combine crisp, punchy colors, along with touch-screen technology on the lower screen
  • Powerful dual processors bring 3D graphics to life with lightning-fast rendering

The games I have played are car racing, pet care, naruto and some adventure games.
All the games are in different genre but yet i had a lot of fun in all. The gameboys has motion sensor and also voice sensor. It easily understands what you are trying to speak.
I loved it because it was a real smooth experience and there was no need to plugin any wires. Also there was this one thing I found cool that is there was this part where I had to blow bubbles and it actually senses when you are blowing and when you are not!
It is much more affordable than a PS. I really loved it because of its portability.
If you guys have any questions about it then please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Please do your own research before buying!
Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Thank You.


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