Importance of Higher Education

knowledge is power

knowledge is power

After completing high school at the age of seventeen or eighteen, we are met with some choices about our careers and higher education. Should we start looking for a job or should we study ahead and pursue a degree or a diploma? Herein I have mentioned some facts which might help you decide about higher education.

What is higher education?

Higher education is to study to become a graduate or a post graduate. Higher education is offered by universities, colleges and other educational institutes that give you an academic degree on the completion of the course. Graduate courses vary from 3 years to 5 years whilst post graduate courses usually last long for a year or two. Higher education is started, after you have turned 18 years or have completed your high school or finished 10+2 grades of education.

Why is higher education important?

Higher education is more important than necessary. It is possible to get a job even without a degree. The question is will that job satisfy you? Today because of increasing population, very few jobs are available and the pay is also less since the number of job applicants increase everyday and hence the supply exceeds the demand. In a such difficult time, higher education is important so that you can get you your dream job with a good pay.

Higher education will not only give you a nice job and pay, but it is also observed to give you a better quality of life. It helps you grow as a person, makes you more confident, helps you shape a better personality and makes you more successful in your life.

Some important reasons to pursue higher education as stated below:

1. Better opportunities: As I said before, getting a degree short lists your application for any relevant job you have applied to. It also opens many opportunities which will not be available to someone who is only graduated from high school.

2. More options: Your career options get wide once you get a degree. You can get your degree in any field such as bachelor in commerce, master in biotechnology. There are hundreds of jobs in those fields, some of them pay really well depends on your experience in the relevant field.

3. Improves the quality of life: People are generally more happy with their job and life. It is observed that people who have had higher education live longer and maintain a hygienic life. They are aware of their environment and voluntary participate in doing good deeds.

4. Better Pay: Having a degree will give you a better salary. While you are studying, you can apply for a job. Work as an intern and once your degree is awarded, your salary is bumped up. If you are good at your work, you can easily climb up in your field. When you climb up, your salary gets a bump too at the same time.

If you have just studied till high school and are having troubles with your job and the pay, then you can opt for an online course of a well reputed university or do your college. This way you can keep on working and studying together. Remember it is never too late to do anything. You can still get your degree and work hard no matter what your age is.

All in all higher education will help you with your life, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of your standard of living and will help you have a better quality life.


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