How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome for Windows 10?

Dark Mode Windows Chrome

Most of the people get spectacles at a very early age due to sitting in front of the TV or Laptop or PC for a significant amount of time, and this is a major problem among children. It’s all attributed to the bright light on many LCD screens. Because of this reason, nowadays many people start using dark colours on software to protect their eyes. It’s started initially by programmers, but now even general public use it. Since people spend most of their time browsing Internet, this article demonstrates how to turn Google Chrome into Dark Mode with ease. 

Enable Dark Mode on Windows for Google Chrome

Dark Mode on Chrome Settings
Dark Mode on Chrome Personalisation
Dark Mode on Chrome Colours
Dark Mode on Chrome Apps
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  1. Right click on Windows Startup icon, then select Settings from the context menu. 
  2. Search for Personalization option to access it
  3. Select colours from the left side menu 
  4. Scroll down bottom of the window, then locate “Choose your default app mode”
  5. Select the Dark Option.

Now automatically Google chrome screen would enter the dark mode. However, if the website doesn’t support, it still shows in regular mode, but the menus, and settings window of Chrome will appear in dark mode. To make every content on Chrome dark, use the following section. 

Enable Dark Mode Straightly on Google Chrome

dark mode chrome
dark mode chrome
dark mode chrome
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  1. On address bar (where web address is typed) in Chrome, type chrome://flags to access experimental feature section
  2. Search for dark mode
  3. Enable the option, and restart the browser

The major drawback of this solution is it darkens everything on Chrome, and therefore if the website doesn’t support dark mode, there can be colour incompatibility of its elements as seen in the above screenshot. So it’s recommended to turn on dark mode on website (if it has), then use this solution.


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